Universal - Mar 20 2014

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Clues Answers
"B.C." character CAVEMAN
"Giant" author Ferber EDNA
"How soothing!" AAH
"___ we all?" ARENT
1 of 100 in D.C SEN
32-card game SKAT
Academic mil. unit ROTC
Adds pizazz to ENLIVENS
Athol Fugard's "A Lesson From ___" ALOES
Bandmate of Crosby and Stills NASH
Be harder to catch COVERONESTRACKS
Beta tester, e.g USER
Bottom of your ear LOBE
Brunch cocktail MIMOSA
Buzzing ASTIR
Certain dreadlocked Jamaican, briefly RASTA
Chicken ___ king ALA
Congregation seats PEWS
Courtroom address (with "your") HONOR
Cow-horned goddess ISIS
Debated ARGUED
Disdained newspaper RAG
Easy to swap out INTERCHANGEABLE
Egypt's largest city CAIRO
Event with a leader board TOURNEY
Excellent server, in tennis ACER
Farm door fastener HASP
Fish-eating eagle ERNE
Football great Graham OTTO
Former Turkish ruler PASHA
Four-person race RELAY
Frog maneuver LEAP
Get by somehow COPE
Glacier snow field NEVE
Gun at a red light REV
In a lazy way IDLY
It may be stolen while many look on SCENE
It might be shucked OYSTER
Clues Answers
It's dynamite TNT
Like fiery pokers REDHOT
Little bribes SOPS
Make retribution ATONE
Many a prom attendee TEEN
Merchandising event SALE
Metal-in-the-raw ORE
Mickey Mantle's number SEVEN
One of the Canterbury pilgrims REEVE
Openly confess AVOW
Overly pretentious ARTY
Parental admonition DONT
Petty clash SPAT
Pipe type PVC
Port of old Rome OSTIA
Radar-screen light BLIP
Rear window feature in some cars DEICER
Refugee's request ASYLUM
Ryder or Stanley CUP
Senior church official ELDER
Showing more normal judgment SANER
Some fragrant trees PINES
Spanish appetizer TAPA
Sports-channel award ESPY
Start of a happy-go-lucky utterance TRALA
States of commotion ADOS
Tasting like wild meat GAMEY
Took the light rail RODE
Type of solo ARIA
Unit of electricity WATT
Very familiar with UPON
Visibly elated AGLOW
Wave, as a weapon BRANDISH
What a sneaky person might have SOMETHINGTOHIDE
Wipe from memory ERASE
Word with "lock" or "barrier" VAPOR
___ Wee Reese (baseball Hall-of-Famer) PEE