- Mar 15 2014

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Clues Answers
''Greatest singer in the world,'' per Presley ORBISON
''In __ Speramus'' (Brown motto) DEO
''Inconceivable!'' NOSIREE
''Rising star'' of NCAA Division I TEXASSTATE
''Scheherazade'' soloist OBOE
''The blood is the life!'' penner BRAMSTOKER
''They'' alternative HEORSHE
An alien might miss it HOMEPLANET
Avoid crossing RESPECT
Brownie brand OREO
By hook or by crook ATANYPRICE
Cartoonist who popularized ''double whammy'' CAPP
Clinton Transportation and Energy Secretary PENA
Common way to buy glasses ASASET
Crayola color similar to Asparagus FERN
Drop of medicine TROCHE
Entangles MIRES
Fabricated NOTSO
Got moving, so to speak BOOGIED
Got sweeter, perhaps RIPENED
Gould/Sutherland's ''M*A*S*H'' followup with title asterisks SPYS
GPS reading SSE
Hamburger course BAHN
Hammer-handle source ASHTREE
Impeccability indicator TEN
It could hold your notice TACK
Last chance to make the cut FINALEDIT
Least likely to shrink BRAVEST
Main __ EVENT
Marching-band accessory SABER
Metaphorical pretense VEIL
Music inspired by ''Sgt. Pepper'' ARTROCK
National Gallery endower MELLON
Necessitates striking, say ERRS
Clues Answers
New England college town KEENE
Of fashionable society TOPHAT
Old Testament priest ELI
One's due, on the street PROPS
Ones alleviating that sinking feeling? BAILERS
Part of some vinegar recipes APPLECORES
Party hang-ups FESTOONS
Possible results of going long TDS
Prodigious folk-music archivist LOMAX
Producer of some shells BAKER
Put on the sheets? WROTE
Queen of comedy TITANIA
Realty datum AREA
Reason for a review EXAM
Red alert STOP purchase of 2011 NAPSTER
Shortens, in a way SAWSOFF
Small racer GOCART
Species subgroups SEXES
Spill something, with ''up'' FESS
Station on the Paris-Cherbourg line STLO
Subject of the books ''Power Failure'' and ''Pipe Dreams'' ENRON
Taekwondo's origin KOREA
Tesla, for one SERB
Think none too highly of RESENT
Tundra rodent hunter WHITEOWL
Twist, in the end ADOPTEE
Wax buildup? LPS
What a lazy lyricist might use TRA
What an asterisk often means SEENOTE
What goes on before the finish BASECOAT
Without incurring damages? ATNOCOST