- Mar 13 2014

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Clues Answers
Accumulate COLLECT
Action-film weapon UZI
Addl. afterthought PPS
Already occupied INUSE
Analyzes ASSAYS
Barry or Brubeck DAVE
Bears witness ATTESTS
Bell sound TING
Bike part BRAKE
Billboards, for instance ADS
Cathedral space NAVE
Connections TIES
Contents of some closets LINEN
Curbs, with ''in'' REINS
Doesn't bother LEAVESALONE
Double-curve shape ESS
Eddie Bauer competitor IZOD
Edit further, as a film RECUT
Exercise outfit WARMUPSUIT
Expensive wraps FURS
Extends one's influence BRANCHESOUT
Extremely dry ARID
Fairway club IRON
Fallback option PLANB
Feels poorly AILS
Foreshadowing sign OMEN
Founded: Abbr ESTD
Frat letter ETA
Gaze (at) PEER
Go sour TURN
Heavenly bear URSA
Highway access ONRAMP
Hold in high regard VALUE
Hostile force FOE
Immobilizes PINS
Imprecise lunchtime, perhaps ONEISH
Incendiarism ARSON
Instructed TAUGHT
Clues Answers
Like arcade games COINOP
Lithium-__ battery ION
Marlon in ''The Godfather'' VITO
Marvelous displays SPECTACLES
Math calculations SQUAREROOTS
Nero's robe TOGA
News bits ITEMS
Not glamorized STARK
OPEC nation IRAN
Orange juice feature PULP
Paint crudely DAUB
Pastel hue AQUA
Portrayed WAS
Postal Service symbol EAGLE
Preparatory night EVE
Prepare to get the spare POPTHETRUNK
Protective plating ARMOR
Proven pros ACES
Pulmonary pair LUNGS
Put a limit on CAP
QB's successes TDS
Quite often ALOT
Really enjoy EATUP
Refine, as ore SMELT
Revered advisor GURU
Seat for a tot KNEE
See 51 Across NOUS
Sitting on ATOP
Small donkey BURRO
Time passages ERAS
TV toon troublemaker BART
Unrefined EARTHY
Use a straw SIP
Walkman descendant IPOD
Wall St. regulator SEC
What Spaniards call love AMOR
With 52 Down, confidentially ENTRE
Wordsworth works ODES