New York Times - Mar 16 2014

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Clues Answers
'Admit it!' FESSUP
'Bleah!' UGH
'Chop-chop!' STAT
'Clueless' and 'Bridget Jones's Diary' ROMCOMS
'Good heavens!' OHGOD
'Kid-tested' breakfast cereal KIX
'Need ___?' (query to hitchhikers) ALIFT
'Nothing seems to go my way' POORME
'Revenge R Us' author RLSTINE
'Seinfeld' cohort ELAINE
'That may be true, but ...' THINGIS
'The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind,' per H. P. Lovecraft FEAR
'The ___ Project' (Fox comedy) MINDY
'Too rich for me' IMOUT
'___ good cheer!' BEOF
*Annual draw for snocross fans THEWINTERXGAMES
*Founder of Marvel's School for Gifted Youngsters PROFESSORXAVIER
*Frequent problem faced by algebra students SOLVEFORX
*He bested Leonidas at Thermopylae XERXESIOFPERSIA
*Horror flick starring Humphrey Bogart as a mad scientist, with 'The' RETURNOFDOCTORX
*Iconic feature of comedy GROUCHOMARXMUSTACHE
*Off-roader, often FOURXFOUR
1965 R&B #1 song with the repeated lyric 'Can't you see that I'm lonely?' RESCUEME
50/50 ONE
A street drug, briefly XTC
Any 'cha' in the cha-cha-cha STEP
Bamboozled GOTTEN
Baron's blade SABRE
Bent beam LBAR
Bit of love talk COO
Biting remark? SICEM
Bomb shelter? SILO
Book after Galatians: Abbr EPH
Canadian coin named for a bird LOONIE
Certain bean LIMA
Chichi getaway SPA
Close up SEAL
Club BAT
Co. making arrangements FTD
Complain, complain, complain CARP
Country buggy SHAY
Couples WEDS
Cousin of a gazelle ORYX
D.D.E. challenger AES
Danger for Indiana Jones ASP
Dashed ID SSN
Disappear, as a trail GOCOLD
Doesn't bring up OMITS
Drag TOW
Drink with two lizards in its logo SOBE
Dutch wheels EDAM
Eject, as froth SPUME
Flying fisher ERN
Gently floats WAFTS
Give one's O.K BLESS
Glassfuls in restaurantes AGUAS
Google datum HIT
Got back to, in a way RSVPD
Hair-razing stuff? HOTWAX
Have second thoughts about RUE
Home to King Harald V OSLO
How lines of latitude run EASTWEST
Hugs and kisses, at times HELLOS
In hot water? STEEPED
It can be prickly ROSE
It may help catch a fugitive BOUNTY
It's low for gas guzzlers: Abbr MPG
J.Lo's birthplace BRONX
Clues Answers
Jet crew, briefly EDS
Jib, e.g SAIL
John Candy's old comedy program SCTV
Jokester WAG
Jump on ice AXEL
Like Advil or Aleve: Abbr OTC
Like Brando's Don Corleone HOARSE
Like gathering storm clouds OMINOUS
Line at the Louvre METRO
Lose everything GOBROKE
Loud beast heard in theaters MGMLION
Medicinal qty TSP
Member of the music industry's former Big Four EMI
Member of the old Chero-Cola product line NEHI
Monitor setting, for short RES
More pink, perhaps RARER
Motor with some muscle VSIX
Mount Zion's land: Abbr ISR
Nick of 'Lorenzo's Oil' NOLTE
No-holds-barred FULLON
Not so great LESS
Nutritional info RDA
Of two minds TORN
One turning to the right NEOCON
Paint variety LATEX
Part of a Napa Valley tour WINERY
Photogs' choices SLRS
Places for studs LOBES
Prefix with cycle UNI
Put away for safekeeping STASH
Quick time-out NAP
Radius, e.g BONE
Rest stop OASIS
Retired govt. agent EXFED
Robed performer GEISHA
Roughhousing ROWDY
Rural call BAA
Scratch, say FLAW
Scream at a ring OLE
Seed casing ARIL
Serengeti prey GNUS
Shot caller REF
Siren, say LURER
So over SICKOF
Something dirty kept in a cell? SEXT
Something LOL-worthy AHOOT
Sponsorships AEGISES
Spring river breakup ICERUN
Stuff in sacks BURLAP
Sub side, maybe SLAW
Suffix with peace NIK
Teen headache ACNE
They're 18 to 21 RSTU
Things for here and now EPHEMERA
Touching words? BRAILLE
Type-A friend from 'Friends' MONICA
Union leader? LONGU
Water, wryly ADAMSALE
Whack-___ AMOLE
What an iPod plays in STEREO
What one might go for a spin in? TUTU
With 58-Down, a patient process? ... or a hint to two consecutive letters in the answer to each of the seven starred clues FOLLOWINGTHE
You might get stuck with them IVS
___ and Thummim (sacred Judaic objects) URIM
___ de la Société ILES