Irish Times (Crosaire) - Mar 14 2014

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Clues Answers
A barrier to trading in old water (4'1,3) ADAMSALE
A lone model around one concerned with the wind EOLIAN
All the rage over cold copper produced minor setback HICCUP
At home to help Rising in Asia INDIA
Breakfast for some is a nightmare in flyer¿s first house? EGGSHELL
Campaigner drops pagan abomination CRIME
Casually prepare to fight local old fogey at the heart of corruption SQUAREUP
Changes a group of workers contacting detective AMENDS
Confident claim that is hanging over Victor ASSERTIVE
Device for making a couple of dates with Cherry has pull for gambling man FRUITMACHINE
Herb on last day on ship in spring HYSSOP
Is this how dinner arrives in jungle for tiger? Adventurers probably wear that one out! SAFARIJACKET
It's not Bad Manners in the middle of pavilion in Dublin CIVILITY
Jack takes small musical instrument as knows where all the kings are buried CARDSHARP
Clues Answers
Leaves in bank? DEPOSITS
Looking back, is in new cinemas belonging to popular leader MESSIANIC
Might leave algorithms in French and German examinations ORALS
More than one pair heard the juicy bits in 14 and 18 across FRUITS
Not going around August disruption is sweet NOUGAT
Old police force finds note from Carson initially getting away from Kildare? It¿s a cracker! RICECAKE
Panic leaving press agencies at departures EGRESSES
Presumably, 12 across would take up sleeve of several top suits THREEACES
Registered in church centre to gangster in countryside RURAL
Restrain husband as well as copper at party HANDCUFF
Robbing an orchard is working for grape grower FRUITPICKING
Secretary hides what chick hopes to do on south beaches in Malaga PLAYAS
Sounds like something archaeolgist will do to reveal awful old story DIGUPTHEPAST
Trauma going in and out of England in cold sweat SCARED