Universal - Mar 12 2014

Clues Answers
"... was I ___ I saw Elba" ERE
"American ___" (talent show) IDOL
"Dollar days" event SALE
"I must be off, old chap" TATA
"Same here" METOO
"Tendon" suffix ITIS
"The Long and Winding ___" ROAD
"The Tortoise and the ___" HARE
About 22.5 degrees NNE
Alan or Adam of film ARKIN
Ancient gathering place AGORA
Antoinette or Osmond MARIE
Aretha Franklin's genre SOUL
Banana cluster BUNCH
Barnyard sound BAA
Big name in faucets MOEN
Big-time golf tournament (with "The") MASTERS
Body art, for short TATS
Bursts of laughter PEALS
Busy bee DOER
Carved family emblem TOTEM
Coastal areas SEASIDES
Collector's achievement SET
Common side dish COLESLAW
Dip one's ___ the water (test) TOEIN
Drivers may hit them on purpose HORNS
Drought-stricken ARID
Europe's highest active volcano ETNA
Flexible Flyer item SLED
French fashion magazine ELLE
Golf champ Mark OMEARA
Good forecast SUNNY
Gp. against furs PETA
Greek H's ETAS
Grim Grimm guy OGRE
HBO's "Real Time" host MAHER
Kind of insurance CASUALTY
Long-time "Today" host LAUER
Clues Answers
Material of an infamous crown THORNS
Mathematical proposition THEOREM
Mrs. Fitzgerald ZELDA
MVP of the first two Super Bowls BARTSTARR
Not working IDLE
One-third of a 1970 film title TORA
Oval Office occupant, briefly PRES
Passable, barely SOSO
Person with a vision? SEER
Place to be marooned ISLE
Prefix with "vision" TELE
Purposeful type of attitude CANDO
Raison d'___ ETRE
Recommend TOUT
Related on a mother's side ENATE
Rubber cement, e.g GLUE
Small amounts TADS
Small songbirds WRENS
Smokey, for one BEAR
Some forensic evidence DNA
Some German autos OPELS
Sound of escaping air HISS
Source of poi TARO
St. Francis' birthplace ASSISI
Superlative sequel to a Bruce Willis film? DIEHARDEST
Superlative sequel to a Clint Eastwood Western? PALESTRIDER
Superlative sequel to a Gary Cooper classic? HIGHESTNOON
Superlative sequel to a Schwarzenegger movie? TRUESTLIES
Supported, as an appealed decision UPHELD
Tex-Mex snack SOFTTACO
To ___ (with precision) ATEE
Unduly hasty RASH
Unfinished business LOOSEENDS
Vitamin additive ZINC
Zap in the microwave NUKE
___ corn (picnic side) EAROF
___ spumante wine ASTI
___-de-France ILE