Universal - Mar 11 2014

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Clues Answers
"... lion and goes out like ___" ALAMB
"7 Faces of Dr. ___" LAO
"Gone With the Wind" estate TARA
"Matinee" or "Billy" follower IDOL
A ___ formality MERE
Acting Mineo SAL
After, on the slopes APRES
Badly claw MAUL
Bruins go there UCLA
Bryn ___ MAWR
Camera type, for short SLR
Come to terms AGREE
Commencements ONSETS
Deadly FATAL
Dry tobacco leaves, e.g CURE
Edison's middle name ALVA
Eleven yards make two RODS
Fall on ___ ears DEAF
Famed missionary Junipero SERRA
Firewood measure CORD
Flying-saucer pilot ALIEN
Foolish talk TRIPE
Game that starts with love? TENNIS
Gets better, as a wound HEALS
Good buddy? CBER
Guys with white tigers, once SIEGFRIEDANDROY
Hawke of Hollywood ETHAN
High-protein beans SOYAS
Hillside near Glasgow BRAE
Homemade knife SHIV
In spite of the fact, to poets ALTHO
In ___ (actually) ESSE
Irish actor Milo OSHEA
It can be more, proverbially LESS
It's in the can, maybe SODA
It's uplifting to a skier TBAR
Like a system of serfs and lords FEUDAL
Like any NBA center TALL
Like the surface of Mercury SERE
Clues Answers
Long-time Vegas showman LANCEBURTON
Lot of rows to hoe? ACRE
Make indistinct BLEAR
Medical fluids SERA
Monty Python performer IDLE
No Westminster contender MUTT
No ___ barred HOLDS
Not on land ASEA
One of Tennessee's twosomes ENS
One that serves the queen BEE
Part of a runner's garb SHORTS
Pet-store purchase LEASH
Plant moved by an ant, in song RUBBERTREE
Prefix for the opposed ANTI
Rose protector THORN
Showing effortless grace LITHE
Ski in a zigzag course SLALOM
Small bills ONES
Socially conscious ad (abbr.) PSA
Sovereign time period REIGN
Spanish houses CASAS
Spheres ORBS
Start of the last qtr.? OCT
Strait-laced PRIM
Street magician of note DAVIDBLAINE
Subject of "A Beautiful Mind" NASH
Summer shoe SANDAL
Supreme Ross DIANA
They're mined and refined ORES
Tizzy SNIT
Type of drum SNARE
Well-traveled path TRAIL
Where white suits are the norm LABS
Will Rogers' prop LASSO
Word before "fast" and after "home" STEAD
Yankee's crosstown rival MET
Zeus' shield AEGIS
___ Bator, Mongolia ULAN