Irish Times (Crosaire) - Mar 3 2014

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Clues Answers
A taste you heard mother picked up in central Mauritius UMAMI
Black-tie event for writer retiring to secure accommodation ¿ it's said it¿s good for one's preservation FORMALDEHYDE
Commissariat dropping Maoist is a sign of bigotry RACISM
Copper going to Longford to overturn case that's going nowhere CULDESAC
Excuse me, let go? PARDON
Followed as workers lost head on court action ENSUED
Fourth year, for example, without school and parking? There's a catch! CLASP
Get rid of detective to spell out what's in central Ireland DISPEL
How vet works internally to survive in ship? SCOPES
Is Grant's doctor synonymous with the twins? STARSIGN
Is it derogatory to cause no trouble for law and order not out over weekend? PEACENIK
Make light of barman connecting switch SCOFF
Might be hot in America for you to meet Clare in Greece say? FAUCET
Music for a place where a lot of people gather with hungry desire RAPACITY
Clues Answers
Neal gets over NATO trouble with newest arrival NEONATAL
Of course it¿s a competition for the audience ¿ jockey for first position RYDERCUP
Refute what is said with something else in the bar on request COUNTERCLAIM
Run a piece engineered by bon vivant EPICUREAN
Sit away from Tasmanian tomorrow in Madrid MANANA
Some neck in butchers offering credit for second place in despatch SCRAGEND
Sounds like fancy mini is in the post? ADDRESSEE
Sounds like instruction to block the media from hearing what's said in newsroom STOPPRESS
Straightens out one section of drainpipes at publishing house? TROUSERPRESS
The Spanish, for example, last to say a poem ELEGY
Trick getting across a stream? That rings a bell! CARILLON
What Napoleon encountered in Moscow in 1812 was forecasted? COLDFRONT
White against black? The chairman will have something to say about that! BOARDMEETING
Young man comes back over city missing iodine for stressed foot, poetically speaking DACTYL