USA Today - Feb 26 2014

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Clues Answers
"Eh?" WHAT
"Long, long" follower AGO
"___ seen worse" IVE
Arctic or Indian, e.g OCEAN
Aristotle, to Alexander the Great TUTOR
Asian food staple RICE
Be less than healthy AIL
Before, in verse ERE
Bird bill NEB
Boyz II ___ (pop group) MEN
Brain component STEM
Campbell of movies NEVE
Catalogue SORT
Cathedral recess APSE
Certain Monopoly card DEED
Checked for quality TRIED
Choice of several ANY
Cold-water diving bird AUK
Comes to pass ENSUES
Crown coating ENAMEL
Disney pup SCAMP
Dueling sword EPEE
Easily irritated TESTY
Electric razors SHAVERS
Etc. cousin ETAL
Exams that require quick thinking ORALS
Exceedingly thirsty DRYASABONE
Fishing line attachment LURE
Five hundred sheets REAM
Fivesomes PENTADS
Flaky rock MICA
German river to the North Sea ELBE
Grp. hosting an open house PTA
Hackneyed STALE
Have staying power ENDURE
Historical leader? PRE
Clues Answers
Holy water basin STOUP
It may have an attachment EMAIL
It transported Dorothy TORNADO
Kitchen strainer SIEVE
Mathematics degree? NTH
Mongolian desert GOBI
More watered down WEAKER
Much bigger HUGER
Not exactly insightful OBTUSE
Oman man ARAB
Part of a bridal outfit VEIL
Part of mpg PER
Personal emanation AURA
Pie chart portion SECTOR
Portraitist's stand EASEL
Produce YIELD
Ready for inspection NEATASAPIN
Renting, as a flat LEASING
Repudiated DISOWNED
Selling very well HOT
Ships' wheels HELMS
Solid through and through HARDASAROCK
Some senate votes YEAS
Space writer Willy and others LEYS
Speaks SAYS
Street game HOCKEY
Sunflower beginning SEED
Superman Christopher REEVE
Theatrical mist source DRYICE
Time for hot cross buns LENT
Turkish ruler PASHA
Two-by-two vessel ARK
Type of steak CUBE
Veer YAW
Wise guys SAGES
With fire ARDENTLY
Wrangler competitor LEE
Yodeler's reverberation ECHO