New York Times - Feb 23 2014

Clues Answers
'Ed Wood' star DEPP
'Frasier' role ROZ
'I should ___ lucky' BESO
'Nuts!' DARN
'Render ___ Caesar ...' UNTO
'Then again, I could be wrong' ORNOT
'___ ba-a-ack!' HES
'___ we done?' ARE
*1925 Percy Marmont film LORDJIM
*1932 Clark Gable/Jean Harlow film REDDUST
*1933 Jean Harlow film BOMBSHELL
*1939 Judy Garland film THEWIZARDOFOZ
*1939 Vivien Leigh/Clark Gable film GONEWITHTHEWIND
*1942 Spencer Tracy/Hedy Lamarr film TORTILLAFLAT
*1943 Spencer Tracy/Irene Dunne film AGUYNAMEDJOE
*1948 Ingrid Bergman film JOANOFARC
1960s U.S. bombing target LAOS
1960s western sitcom FTROOP
1980s-'90s series based on the fictional firm McKenzie, Brackman, Chaney and Kuzak LALAW
2000s events in North Korea, for short NTESTS
Adult's counterpart MINOR
Appear suddenly POPOUT
Award for Miss Hawaii, in addition to a tiara LEI
Basis in accounting COST
Beatles title girl RITA
Birthplace of 22-Across OAHU
Blade brand XACTO
Brooks Robinson's team ORIOLES
Brother of George W. and Jeb NEIL
Bush judicial appointee ROBERTS
Bush judicial appointee ALITO
Call from a curb TAXI
Certain newspaper advertisement INSERT
Chopped ___ LIVER
Colorist DYER
Comeback RIPOSTE
Complete, informally THORO
Court grp USTA
D-backs, on scoreboards ARI
Daily riser TIDE
Director of the eight starred films in this puzzle, who was born on 2/23/1889 VICTORFLEMING
Doing ___ (dancing springily) AJIG
Drinkers' toasts SKOALS
Each PER
eBay user BIDDER
Effected, in a bad way WREAKED
Elegance LUXE
Essen article EINE
Fate LOT
Finish (up) MOP
Finish (up) SEW
Flight board info: Abbr ARRS
Footnote abbr OPCIT
Foreign traveler's purchase, maybe ADAPTOR
Fortunetelling aids TAROTS
Gator's tail? ADE
Gave up CEDED
Genuflect KNEEL
Give off coherent light LASE
Gives up, in slang BAILS
Go-getter TIGER
Green monitor, for short? EPA
Head to Paris? TETE
How things may be brought TOHEEL
Hunts, with 'on' PREYS
In past centuries OFOLD
Is threatening, in a way LOOMS
Joint parts TENONS
Clues Answers
Kind of car or tee MUSCLE
La-la lead-in TRA
Lacking variety ONENOTE
Lash holder LID
Lava comes out of it FISSURE
Lead-in to Pen, commercially EPI
Like Christiane Amanpour, by upbringing IRANIAN
Major glitch SNAFU
Massage therapeutically ROLF
Means of access to a cafeteria, maybe STUDENTID
Migratory seabird PETREL
Milan's La ___ SCALA
New Haven reuner ELI
Night that 'Friends' aired: Abbr THU
Obsessed with DEEPINTO
Odist's preposition ERE
One way to the top TBAR
One-named designer ERTE
Overly confident SMUG
Overreacting sort ALARMIST
Perfect, as a home DREAM
Perhaps SAY
Place for a topgallant MAST
Playfully INFUN
Professional tennis since 1968 OPENERA
Provider of music on the go? CARSTEREO
Pub containers MUGS
Pub measure JIGGER
Publish ISSUE
Put into a sepulcher ENTOMB
Puts together ADDS
Quarterbacks, often PASSERS
Queen of literature ELLERY
Recipe instruction MIXIN
Red opening? INFRA
Restful places INNS
Self-absorbed sort SOLIPSIST
Send off SHIP
Shelfmate of Vogue ELLE
Singer with the album 'Live at the Polynesian Palace' DONHO
Sitcom with a 1974 wedding RHODA
Slaughter in the 1946 World Series ENOS
Snow queen in Disney's 'Frozen' ELSA
Some kitchenware POTS
Some London lords EARLS
Source of the line 'What's past is prologue,' with 'The' TEMPEST
Specialties AREAS
Sprint TEAR
Sprint competitor, once GTE
Suffer humiliation, in slang EATIT
Summer hrs DST
Swashbuckles, say STRUTS
Tavern stock ALES
There was a great one in Genesis FLOOD
Things that should be tied up by the curtain? LOOSEENDS
Time for the best deals, maybe, in a going-out-of-business sale LASTDAY
Torrey Pines Golf Course locale LAJOLLA
Transudes OOZES
Unemotive STOIC
Vier + vier ACHT
What Babe wants to be in 'Babe' SHEEPDOG
When repeated, a Polynesian capital PAGO
When the story begins, perhaps ACTI
Wiry-coated terriers SCOTTIES
Word of agreement SURE
___ Heep (Dickens character) URIAH
___ king ALA
___-blue OPAL