USA Today - Feb 18 2014

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Clues Answers
"I" problem EGO
"Of ___ I sing" THEE
"On the Road" author Jack KEROUAC
"Paradise Lost" poet MILTON
1/6 of an ounce (Abbr.) TSP
A fire station burning down, e.g IRONY
Aardvark's treat ANT
Able to walk AMBULANT
Angelou of poetry MAYA
Antacid's activity STOMACHSOOTHING
Antarctic flyer SKUA
Be overly sweet CLOY
Beautician's board EMERY
Beginning from SINCE
Bit of hearth residue ASH
Capital of Bolivia SUCRE
Covered with frost RIMED
Cruise customer's woe NAUSEA
Cultural ETHNIC
Day's end, poetically EEN
Decay ROT
Eggs, to eggheads OVA
Electrified fishes EELS
Famous person, for short CELEB
Far less cordial ICIER
Feline zodiac sign LEO
Fifth or sixth-grader TWEEN
Filmdom's Alastair SIM
Fond du ___, Wis LAC
Forward charge ONRUSH
Fraction of a field ACRE
Get ready to get one's drink on BELLYUPTOTHEBAR
Half-and-half half MILK
Hanoi's home, briefly NAM
Hardly a spendthrift MISER
He authorized Christ's crucifixion PILATE
Husbands, not wives MEN
Clues Answers
Island nation in the South Pacific NAURU
LaBeouf of film SHIA
Lacking moisture DRY
Light on one's feet SPRY
Long draft SWIG
Mermaid's home SEA
Most loved DEAREST
Mountain basin CWM
Not at the expected time LATE
Olympics monogram USA
Opal or onyx GEMSTONE
Packed in tight DENSE
Play for a patsy USE
Prove clearly EVINCE
Publisher's list TITLES
Radical ULTRA
Right-from-wrong feeling GUTINSTINCT
Rubber that meets the road TIRE
Set aside, as time ALLOT
Shakespearean commotion ADO
Shoulder weapon RIFLE
Slugger's collection BATS
Summoned, as a doctor PAGED
Swifter of foot FLEETER
Sydney citizen, informally AUSSIE
Thing you hate to do and run EAT
Time of the woolly mammoth ICEAGE
To that time UNTIL
Track and field tournament MEET
Type of child without siblings ONLY
Unspoken, but understood TACIT
Used paper and/or plastic BAGGED
Very sentimental SAPPY
Violin part NECK
Who-you link ARE
Work at, as a trade PLY