- Feb 7 2014

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Clues Answers
''That's a relief!'' WHEW
1 Down, for one ASS
Admittance ENTREE
Alter text EDIT
Atlas section ASIA
Battle mount STEED
Being aired ONTV
Bit of kindling TWIG
California Zephyr operator AMTRAK
Capital of Liechtenstein VADUZ
Carried out WAGED
Celebrant REVELER
Chew out REBUKE
Chill out RELAX
Colorado mountains MOSQUITORANGE
Completely cooked DONE
Crossed out XED
Crumbly cheeses FETAS
Cry for attention PSST
De Beers business MINING
Ending for elect IVE
Evened out EQUALIZED
Excavated DUG
Exec. department head SECY
Figure out SEE
First pope STPETER
Fish feature FIN
Flip out SNAP
Fowl place ROOST
Golf course LINKS
Hawk or Raptor NBAER
Heat up in a hurry NUKE
Held in reserve ONICE
Hoopla ADO
Hotshot ACE
Clues Answers
Industrial oven KILN
iPod model NANO
Janitor's implement WETMOP
Kick around ABUSE
Log-on entry USERID
Master openers PASSKEYS
Military Families Mo. supporter VFW
Nordic gear SKIS
Of a Scottish philosopher HUMEAN
On the loose ATLARGE
Part of pewter TIN
Perimeter EDGE
Potpourri piece, perhaps ROSEPETAL
Pumpernickel grain RYE
Quite a ways FAR
Rainbow shape ARC
Rather like ALA
Recent arrivals NEWBORNS
Roof section EAVE
Safari setup TENT
Sancho Panza's mount DAPPLE
Scarlett O'Hara's maid PRISSY
Shots in the dark STABS
Straighten out UNTANGLE
Street performer MIME
Stroke of luck FLUKE
Surpass in shouting OUTSCREAM
Tell it like it isn't LIE
Toss out DUMP
Try to buy BIDON
University of West Florida home PENSACOLA
Upscale retail chain SAKS
Very loudly, to Liszt FFF
Washed out FLUNKED
Wiggle room LEEWAY
Word on some euro coins ESPANA
Zip around FLIT