Universal - Feb 4 2014

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Clues Answers
"Carte" or "mode" preceder ALA
"Darn it!" DRAT
"I'll be ready in a ___" JIFFY
"Meet Me ___ Louis" INST
"Now I've got it!" AHA
"O Brother, Where Art ___?" THOU
"Second" preceder MILLI
"Voice box" LARYNX
"___ Few Dollars More" (Eastwood film) FORA
16th-century bowed stringed instrument VIOL
A trader's duties, say IMPORTANDEXPORT
Adjusts with a wedge SHIMS
Aim improver SCOPE
Android on the Enterprise DATA
Antibacterial drug, informally SULFA
Assert positively AVER
Biblical victim ABEL
Big-time tablet maker APPLE
Breakfast foods EGGS
Broadway area RIALTO
Call at the poker table SEE
Carve in stone ETCH
Clown on "In Living Color" HOMIE
Depend (on) RELY
Elaborate tapestry ARRAS
Excavation result HOLE
Flavorful root bark SASSAFRAS
Flood blocker LEVEE
Given to eavesdropping NOSY
High-school department MATH
HMO workers MDS
Hoarfrost relative RIME
Imaginary tale MYTH
Important historical time ERA
Iridescent shell layer NACRE
Islamic leader IMAM
It may be wrapped in seaweed SUSHI
It runs slowly in the woods SAP
Clues Answers
Kachina doll carver HOPI
Kind of cash or officer PETTY
Knight or Nugent TED
Lady Remington, for one SHAVER
Like Welsh rarebit CHEESY
Lot measurement AREA
Makes fun of TEASES
Military trainee CADET
Off-kilter AMISS
One-horse carriage SHAY
Operative's employer CIA
Part of the eye UVEA
Petty quarrel SPAT
Pilgrim to Mecca HAJI
Place with many paintings PORTRAITGALLERY
PR firm's concern IMAGE
Present a poser to BAFFLE
Reason for a parental reprimand, perhaps SASS
Rowboat pair OARS
Sad word for "Poor Yorick" ALAS
Silly goose NINNY
Simon ___ SAYS
Sitar part FRET
Site of the National Aquarium PORTOFBALTIMORE
Small matter? ATOM
Spiral-horned African antelope ELAND
Sun-baked ARID
They strike along the Nile ASPS
Tough type of exam ORAL
Track chances ODDS
Transportation mode RAIL
Triumphant cry YEAH
Vaulted nook APSE
Volcanic output LAVA
With competence ABLY
Woody the director ALLEN
Word sung twice after "Que" SERA
Work out with a pug SPAR
___-craftsy ARTSY