USA Today - Feb 4 2014

Clues Answers
"Mat" or "mate" beginning AUTO
"Same here" METOO
"Swing and ___, strike one!" AMISS
"The Grapes of Wrath" migrant OKIE
A lion has one MANE
Abe Simpson's son HOMER
Apartment, to a realtor UNIT
Arm of the Justice Dept ATF
Asian condiment SOY
Basketball-shoe part SOLE
Batman co-creator Bob KANE
Billiards player's powder TALC
Call's partner BECK
Candle's light GLOW
Cease to be separate UNITE
Cheerleader's request YELL
Citizen of the 29th state IOWAN
Codebreaker's discovery KEY
College president, in slang PREXY
Cookie choice OREO
Cut of meat LOIN
Domingo ditty ARIA
Entry in a gossip column ITEM
Epic story SAGA
Extremely upset IRATE
Fancy schmancy pitcher EWER
Far East nursemaid AMAH
First Greek letter ALPHA
Fishy yarn TALE
Foreman, before the Ali fight CHAMP
French cleric ABBE
Get comfortable in the bleachers SIT
Goalie's necessity MASK
Grain elevator features CHUTES
Group playing in a park SEATTLEMARINERS
Group playing in a park TORONTOBLUEJAYS
Group playing in a park CHICAGOWHITESOX
Handyman's need TOOL
Harbor workhorse TUG
Heat and then cool, as glass ANNEAL
Clues Answers
Hindu garment SARI
Jeansmaker Strauss LEVI
Kind of wheels MAG
Less cordial ICIER
Like some stadiums DOMED
Make into law ENACT
Minus SANS
Molten rock LAVA
Narrow victory margin NOSE
NASCAR legend Earnhardt DALE
On an America's Cup yacht ASEA
On the highest point of ATOP
On the up-and-up LEGIT
Once more ANEW
Opera star DIVA
Pas' partners MAS
Places for valuables VAULTS
Postgame show RECAP
Prayer finale AMEN
Prepare to pray KNEEL
Put to the grindstone HONE
Read quickly SCAN
Ready to rise AWAKE
Romanian gymnast Comaneci NADIA
Scandinavian bay FJORD
Scooby's buddy SHAGGY
Scottish hillside BRAE
Ship's framework HULL
Sleeve card ACE
Smelled something fierce STANK
Sports channel award ESPY
Standard computer code ASCII
Tax cheater's nightmare AUDIT
This may be the end to alcohol? ISM
Two of a kind DYAD
Valley on the moon RILL
What general managers do TRADE
Yoga position LOTUS
Zero, to Nero NIL
___ fide (genuine) BONA