- Feb 1 2014

Clues Answers
''Analyze This'' director RAMIS
''Forsyte Saga'' wife IRENE
''The Universal Car'' MODELT
'70s Asian leader LONNOL
2013's cheapest city for dinner, per TripAdvisor HANOI
Antagonism ENMITY
Artery, for short RTE
Big name in harmless weaponry NERF
Buccaneer SEAROVER
Charged WENTAT
Circus structure CAGE
Close relative of 14 Down AYEAYE
Cocoa relative KHAKI
Cuddle up CANOODLE
Demonstrator, e.g SALESREP
DiCaprio, at the end of ''Catch Me If You Can'' EXCON
Disraeli or Churchill TORY
Former ''Project Runway'' judge KORS
Four bells, at sea TWOPM
Go-getter MOVER
Go-getting CANDO
Good garden-tool cleaner WAXPAPER
Grad students, frequently TAS
Home of CinecittŠ“ Studios ROMA
How many drive ONEHANDED
Inconsequential NOBIGDEAL
Interns' workplaces ERS
It may lie in a bed ORE
It's duller than cobalt SLATEBLUE
It's in the center of similes ANI
Its collection includes Rivera's ''Flower Carrier'' SFMOMA
Its genome is 100 times larger than humans' AMOEBA
Land on HIT
Mirrors APES
Modern bookmark URL
Clues Answers
Molasses, essentially SYRUP
Moody's lowest investment-grade rating BAA
Moves with trunks SWIMS
Person often courted VOTER
Plugging or mugging, perhaps ONCAMERA
Post-apocalyptic best-seller of '78 THESTAND
Prada competitor BENDEL
Private line YESSIR
Proprietor of ONO
Renders romantically CROONS
Retro golf wear TAM
Ride KID
Scanty SPARE
Short petition MAYI
Small choirs OCTETS
Software staple EDITMENU
Soul ancestor RANDB
Stay behind TAIL
Struggle VIE
Surname of two Massachusetts Constitution coauthors ADAMS
Take the lead BREAKAWAY
The Gemini's mother LEDA
Their emblem is the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor USMARINES
They're not talking CLAMS
Tube-top kin BANDEAU
Tumultuous BLUSTERY
Unpolished CRUDE
Unskilled POOR
Uriah in ''The Greatest Story Ever Told'' MINEO
Wagner portraitist RENOIR
What's the matter? ATOMS
Wheels, bricks, etc CHEESES
Where Goddard launched 31 rockets, 1930-41 ROSWELL
Word from Old French for ''hold firmly'' RELY
World __ BANK