Universal - Jan 28 2014

Clues Answers
"Hey there!" PSST
"The Raven" author POE
"What have you been ___?" UPTO
"___-daisy!" UPSY
A saucer, say UFO
Abbey area APSE
Adam lived there EDEN
Admiral type REAR
Analyze in English class PARSE
Bad-tempered CHOLERIC
Baltic Sea republic ESTONIA
Big beer buys CASES
Blow a gasket RAGE
Body shop challenge DENT
Butcher, baker or candlestick maker, e.g RETAILER
Carrier with a shamrock logo AERLINGUS
Caviar, essentially ROE
Chair-maker Charles EAMES
Cheese in balls EDAM
Chose not to paint, as a wall PAPERED
Closet material LINEN
Clumsy sorts OAFS
Coachman's handful REINS
Decrease, as confidence ERODE
Deep, deep hole ABYSS
Diameters halved RADII
Diplomat's building EMBASSY
Essential point CRUX
First lady? EVE
Flattering and sweet, as words HONEYED
Fountain order COKE
French farewell ADIEU
German industrial region RUHR
Gives a bad review to PANS
Halves of splits? EXES
Handpicked CHOSE
Hathaway of "Les Misérables" ANNE
Hound's trail SCENT
Clues Answers
Hula Hoop maker WHAMO
Insect sensory organ PALP
Intense aversion HATE
Land measure ACRE
Lifting device HOIST
Likely to make goofs ERRORPRONE
Luxurious getaway SPA
Magic charm AMULET
Negatives NOS
Officer of the future CADET
Pain-filled ACHY
Pale purple MAUVE
Prod on URGE
Put out, as a light DOUSE
Retouches, in a way AIRBRUSHES
Ring-tailed animal COATI
Simpson kid BART
Singer Ives BURL
Sites for breakers SHORES
Skirmishes TUSSLES
Spark-plug specification GAP
Spread a rumor BRUIT
Suffix with musket or ballad EER
They get what's coming to them HEIRESSES
Thing on a leopard SPOT
Thing to shoot on SET
Tick off RILE
Tin Woodman's need HEART
U.S. 1 and others RTES
Vow-exchanging sites CHAPELS
Waiter's assistant BUSBOY
Waste allowance TRET
Watering hole OASIS
What was stolen from the Queen of Hearts TARTS
While on the other hand WHEREAS
Win's opposite LOSS
Word with "boot" or "jet" SKI
___ water (cologne kin) TOILET