Irish Times (Crosaire) - Jan 27 2014

Clues Answers
Cheerful to mark funny remarks for writer GOODHUMOURED
Electorate presumably is involved in cottage industry HOUSEBUILDER
Engaged as sun rises in Ireland INUSE
Force includes detective from university with radioactive element RADIUM
Get up and go after a cat in charge ┬┐ it's the nuclear option! ATOMICENERGY
Go along with dog following local cheat CONCUR
Hold up behind Cork flower on the wrong side of the boat for sailors possibly LEESHORE
Ill-treatment of old foreign president touring America ABUSE
Local nonsense raising money in Asia on primary stock for those living in London COCKNEYS
Make a mistake in ranks with dogs TERRIERS
Negative response to reasons why it went wrong? Can't complain about that! NOEXCUSES
Nervous at home with a chill from be hard work INACOLDSWEAT
Ninety-nine admit letterhead is identical to the rest CLONE
Old city upset by emerging economic countries underlined in red ink RUBRIC
Clues Answers
One gets to sit back on Egyptian port reportedly ITISSAID
Passenger ship in Serb renovation produced by Germans BERLINERS
Powerful businessman from Greece reportedly secures jaguar FATCAT
Provides support in the community for youth leader finding money in challenge DAYCENTRE
Radiation at college connected to a lump in the throat UVULA
Sack boxers for holding the logs FIREDOGS
She was found in neighbour┬┐s regiment with orange bands SASHES
Sounds like suspended race, for one, overlooking Danube HUNGARIAN
Sounds like they're trends in Christmas cakes CURRANTS
Surprise broadcast and article seen in The Sun? CORONA
Those in 4 across are expected to do it to guard DEFEND
Three quarters of article on spinal columns THEBACKS
Time to swirl something found at sea reportedly with someone listening to Elvis? TEDDYBOY
Unsophisticated American car in old police force RUSTIC