USA Today - Jan 26 2014

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Clues Answers
"Famous" entrepreneur Wally AMOS
A thing unto ___ ITSELF
Antilles island ARUBA
Arrange by type ASSORT
Auditing firm hiree, for short CPA
Backwoods epithet DANG
Bargain hunter's delight DEAL
Bars without other people? SOLOS
Basset's notable features EARS
Bench-press iterations REPS
Blunted sword EPEE
Body of moral values ETHIC
Certain chess piece ROOK
Clark's partner in exploration LEWIS
Controversial ability ESP
DEA officer NARC
Diamond Head's locale OAHU
DiCaprio of film, for short LEO
Dumas' Musketeers, for one TRIO
Easy tennis shot LOB
Emigration aspiration, sometimes DUALCITIZENSHIP
Extensive plain without trees STEPPE
Extra, as a bedroom SPARE
Fare at the first Thanksgiving MAIZE
Fedora feature BRIM
Feel antipathy for HATE
Float component SODA
Greek pasta ORZO
Guernsey's gardens LEAS
Gulf war missile SCUD
Half a ballroom dance? CHA
Hasty scribbling SKETCH
Having star qualities? ASTRAL
He drove Miss Daisy HOKE
In other words, to Nero IDEST
Industrious insect ANT
Intimidates mentally (with "out") PSYCHS
Japanese cartooning style ANIME
Clues Answers
Jessica or Hope LANGE
Lacking grace GAWKY
Lady courted in Reno? LUCK
Like some landscapes SCENIC
Lincoln Center production OPERA
Little rascal IMP
Long, slender instrument OBOE
Lox partners BAGELS
Maiden name preceder NEE
Masterpiece OPUS
Minus LESS
Nest egg, for short IRA
Not in vogue PASSE
Outer layer of seeds TESTA
Part of DMZ ZONE
Peacock-feather spots OCELLI
Poison oak, e.g SUMAC
Related to the lower back SACRAL
Remove from office DEPOSE
Republic of the Congo neighbor GABON
Scrooge visitor GHOST
Send a note of apology ATONE
Ship deck ORLOP
Sign on a corner STOP
Small cloud NEBULE
Small constellation LYRA
Some bridge sides SOUTHS
Some wild goats (var.) IBICES
Sound unit PHON
Source of eye color IRIS
Stocking stuffer? LEG
They gather reindeer LAPPS
Two-legged support BIPOD
Used to be WERE
Volcano in Italy ETNA
___ Moines, Iowa DES
___ terrier SKYE
___-Pong PING