Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Jan 21 2014

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Clues Answers
'Guinness Book' suffix EST
'Impending danger' signal REDALERT
'That tastes awful!' UGH
'The Taking of -- 123' PELHAM
Author Morrison TONI
Award for 21-Across CLIO
Big rig SEMI
Blackbird ANI
Central MID
Charged bit ION
Clara Barton's organization REDCROSS
Concept IDEA
Craggy peak TOR
Cry of discovery OHO
D.C. address (Abbr.) SEN
Detroit team REDWINGS
Deviate off course YAW
Domed buildings ROTUNDAS
Finished DONE
Gorilla APE
Harbor structure PIER
High-five, basically SLAP
Hotel staffer MAID
Initial stake ANTE
Kampala's country UGANDA
Kite flier's need WIND
Lather FOAM
Lemieux milieu ICE
Lousy handwriting SCRAWL
Madison Avenue type ADMAN
Mangy mutt CUR
Mayberry moppet OPIE
Clues Answers
McNally's partner RAND
Memory method ROTE
Mountain range SIERRA
Nincompoop TWIT
Pack down TAMP
Past AGO
Radio watchdog org FCC
Restaurant employee WAITER
Rock legend Jagger MICK
Sch. group PTA
Second-place finisher RUNNERUP
See 37-Across STRIKE
Somewhere out there AFAR
St. Louis team RAMS
Stitches SEWS
Stop signal REDLIGHT
Suit material SERGE
Syngman of South Korea RHEE
Target GOAL
Teen's skin woe ACNE
Top-rated AONE
Verve ELAN
Wall art MURAL
Watchful one EYER
Weeding tool HOE
Winter fall SNOW
With 38-Across, preemptive attack FIRST
Witness SEE
Work with USE
Zoo structure CAGE