USA Today - Jan 12 2014

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Clues Answers
"Androcles and the Lion" setting ARENA
"Famous" cookie maker AMOS
"Honest" president ABE
"I love," in Latin AMO
"Of ___ I sing" THEE
"Penny Lane," to "Strawberry Fields Forever" ASIDE
1999 war combatant SERB
45 player PHONO
Accompany to a party ESCORT
Adjective for Georgia Brown SWEET
Agassi of tennis ANDRE
Ambiance component DECOR
Animated Flanders NED
Answer that's far from definite MAYBEMAYBENOT
Ashtray remnant BUTT
Be gaga over ADORE
Beard of grain AWN
Bring to court SUE
Carrot-top creator HENNA
City in the Black Forest, when doubled BADEN
City northeast of Casablanca RABAT
City on the Hudson TROY
Companion of "to" FRO
Copy APE
Create an outstanding design? EMBOSS
Culbertson of bridge ELY
Demure COY
Dental floss coating WAX
Emulate Thomas Crown THIEVE
Exalt to the heavens ENSKY
Extinct flightless bird DODO
Fill to full SATE
Followed orders OBEYED
Football throw PASS
Former US Airways competitor TWA
Gets off the fence, so to speak OPTS
Immortal ETERNAL
Clues Answers
Investigative journalist's report EXPOSE
Jagged, like a leaf edge EROSE
Kidney-related RENAL
Like many a masterpiece INSPIRED
Manned the bar TENDED
Married woman, in Madrid SENORA
Mermaid's home SEA
Negative contraction WASNT
New band's fan base, often LOCALS
Not in tempo RUBATO
Obstacle, to Shakespeare RUB
Ocho minus siete UNO
Ogden native (var.) UTAHAN
OIG's parent agency GSA
Pillage and plunder MARAUD
Possess OWN
Pronominal contraction HED
Q-tip tip SWAB
Reply that's far from definite IAMNOTCERTAIN
Response that's far from definite IMNOTSOSURE
Role for Jodie ANNA
Russian writer Maksim GORKI
Scattered, like seeds SOWN
Seabirds TERNS
Set up to take the fall FRAMED
Single example INSTANCE
Squeak-stopping application OIL
Stiff hairs or bristles SETAE
Street address abbr AVE
Strike down, in the Bible SMITE
Super ___ (water gun brand) SOAKER
Swelling, particularly in plants EDEMA
They may be loosened after a big meal BELTS
U.S. territory divided in 1889 DAK
Witch craft? BROOM
Word with "shoo" or "drive" INS
___ camp (children's summer diversion) DAY