New York Times - Jan 11 2014

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Clues Answers
'That's expensive!' ITSALOT
'Thus weary of the world, away she ___': Shak HIES
A.L. East team, on scoreboards TOR
Abbr. by Hook or by Cook CAPT
Alternatives to racks BINS
Attic promenades STOAS
Belly dancers' bands? NAVELRINGS
Book review? AUDIT
Brand SEAR
Burnable medium, briefly CDR
Clean out DETOX
Corker DILLY
Dead player? POSSUM
DiMaggio and others DOMS
Diomedes speared him ARES
Does a Ludacris impersonation RAPS
Done to ___ ATEE
Drs. often take over for them EMTS
Fall scene EDEN
Fish in a dragon roll UNAGI
Fitting decision SIZE
Freshwater aquarium favorite DANIO
Fundació Joan Miró designer SERT
Grid great Greasy NEALE
Having good balance SANE
How troglodytes live ALONE
iPhone talker SIRI
It has a close 'Kentucky' cousin CANADABLUEGRASS
Kelp is a natural source of it POTASSIUMIODIDE
Key contraction OER
Korean War weapon STEN
Larry of the original 'West Side Story' KERT
Clues Answers
Like new notes CRISP
Many a dama: Abbr SRA
Member of a drill team? DENTALASSISTANT
Monthly MENSAL
Native of Caprica on 'Battlestar Galactica' ADAMA
Nonprofessional LAY
Not the least bit INNOWAY
One may remove grease with elbow grease SOSPAD
One who orders trunks to be moved? ELEPHANTTRAINER
Outer limits RIMS
Poor as ___ (destitute) ARAT
Really cheap shots? ROTGUTS
Renaissance composer of 'Missa Papae Marcelli' PALESTRINA
Renowned boxing gym in Brooklyn GLEASONS
Rice alternative ORZO
Sawmill supplier LOGSHIP
SC Johnson brand RAID
Slender runner SKI
Spanish royal REINA
Stop on Amtrak's California Zephyr RENO
Sum symbol SIGMA
Tax deferral options TRADITIONALIRAS
They have bills and appear on bills EAGLES
They were retired in '03 SSTS
They're usually pixelated on TV OBSCENEGESTURES
U.P.S. deliveries: Abbr CTNS
Water gun fight? NAVALENGAGEMENT
Weigh-in section? OPED
Went nowhere SAT
Wisconsin county or its seat WAUKESHA
Woody trunk BOLE
___ Ed SEX