USA Today - Jan 7 2014

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Clues Answers
"All the President's ___" MEN
"We're off to ___ the wizard . . ." SEE
"You ___ to know better!" OUGHT
"You're ___ friends" AMONG
A-frame overhangs EAVES
Abbr. at LAX ETA
Adjective for Bugs, Porky and Daffy LOONEY
African waterbeds WADIS
Afternoon hour TWO
Angelic feature HALO
Arthurian era, e.g YORE
Be on the side of caution? ERR
Break sharply SNAP
Bucket go-with MOP
Bucolic field LEA
Bump on a log NODE
Caribbean boating destination TRINIDAD
Clean with elbow grease SCOUR
Cold and blustery RAW
Containing animal fat ADIPOSE
Corona ___ Mar, Calif DEL
Demean ABASE
Dish eaten with the fingers POI
Do a hatchet job on CLEAVE
Esq. group ABA
Evidence of burnout? ASH
Existing from birth INNATE
Feline zodiac sign LEO
Football complement ELEVEN
Hospital attention CARE
Indefinitely great number MYRIAD
Iran and Iraq do it ABUT
It follows beach, ski and tennis BUM
It gets the ball off the ground TEE
It's sometimes wild DEUCE
Jacob's father-in-law LABAN
Jamboree setups TENTS
Clues Answers
Kidney-related RENAL
Knight's title SIR
Last figure on an invoice NET
Major econ. index GNP
Make a choice OPT
Makeup exam RETEST
Medieval church BASILICA
Needing to lose? OBESE
Not finalized, in law NISI
Oater choker NOOSE
Places to perch ROOSTS
Plains home TEPEE
Profound DEEP
Remembered for all time IMMORTAL
Reproductive cells OVA
Roast need WEENIE
Salamander NEWT
Short ___ (quick work) SHRIFT
Shot from a hip flask SWIG
Slow passages LENTOS
Sound of a perfect jump shot SWISH
Start of Popeye's credo, precisely IYAM
Take forcibly WREST
Temporary tattoo dye HENNA
They're half the diameter RADII
Top-selling cookie OREO
Tuner on a viola PEG
Venus, just before sunrise DAYSTAR
Well-toned FIT
Whatever number ANY
Witch feature, stereotypically WART
With consideration of INDEFERENCETO
Word with "No. 1!" WERE
Wrap around ENFOLD
Your parents' parents' music OLDIES