New York Times - Jan 4 2014

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Clues Answers
'Eyewitness' director Peter YATES
'Jersey Shore' housemate's music-biz name DJPAULYD
'___ did you nothing hear?': Hamlet NOR
'___ Paw' (Oscar-winning Disney short) LENDA
Animation ELAN
Be a lush TIPPLE
Be an unhelpful interrogee STONEWALL
Big Dipper's setting GREATBEAR
Bit of sportswear TEE
Bunk ROT
Buzzes, say DOS
Chicken à la rey? POLLO
City where some believe Cain and Abel are buried ADEN
Constituent of molding sand SEACOAL
Elasticity GIVE
European president who attended Harvard CHIRAC
First-class regulars JETSET
Foreshadow PREFIGURE
Go on the fritz ACTUP
Head LAV
House meeting place THECAPITOL
Hurdy-gurdy sound DRONE
Hyperbola parts ARCS
Jersey Shore vacation option CONDO
Jock: Abbr ATH
Keeping buff? PACKRAT
Lack life ARENT
Leaf part VERSO
Less agreeable CRABBIER
Life or death SENTENCE
Like cork trees and flying lizards ASIAN
Clues Answers
Like cute nerds, in slang ADORKABLE
Make baloney? LIE
Molto adagio LENTO
Monty Python theme composer SOUSA
Napoleon, notably EXILE
Neighbor of Rabbit ROO
One not getting benefits, say PARTTIMER
One of 64 in a genetic table CODON
One offering help in passing? TUTOR
Photometry unit LUMEN
Piece of work STINT
Predictor of fame DIXON
Raider in the battle of the St. Lawrence UBOAT
School meeting places AUDITORIA
See 34-Down USER
Setting that makes things right? TAB
Some rescue work CPR
Spring event in the Summer Olympics? VAULT
Stress, to Strauss DRANG
Take down with a charge TASE
Take up enthusiastically LATCHONTO
Theoretical MOOT
Three-ring setting BIGTOP
Tie ___ TAC
Tiny amount GRAIN
Touching scene at an airport? PATDOWN
Tuareg rebellion locale of 2012 MALI
Warden in drab clothes PARKRANGER
Was a rocker? TEETERED
Was revolting ROSEUP
Where Lee Harvey Oswald was a lathe operator MINSK
Where things may be heating up OVENS
With 18-Across, software developer's concern END