USA Today - Dec 26 2013

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Clues Answers
"A ___ formality" MERE
"Aw, heck!" GEE
"Fun for children of all ___!" AGES
"J'Accuse" author Zola EMILE
"Muy ___" BIEN
"Project Runway" figure MODEL
"Sister Act" roles NUNS
"Who wants ice cream?" response IDO
1944 Normandy event DDAY
Always, to an old poet EER
American ostriches RHEAS
Animated movie with Scrat ICEAGE
Another eye part UVEA
Author unknown (Abbr.) ANON
Belief in God through reason DEISM
Bird that enjoy statues PIGEON
Blvd. crossers AVES
Breathing inhibitor ASTHMA
Cap with a propeller BEANIE
Certain Ivy Leaguer ELI
Certain thick-piled rugs RYAS
Citified URBAN
Columbus' hometown GENOA
Comical routines SHTICKS
Complies with, as a deadline MEETS
Confirms, as a court ruling UPHOLDS
Davy Crockett's last stand ALAMO
Divination is his vocation SEER
Edible spear PICKLE
Engine supercharger, for short TURBO
Fall asleep (with "off") NOD
GPS heading, sometimes ENE
Greek writer of fables AESOP
Have a light repast SUP
Having no company ALONE
It contains 15-Across RETINA
It dangles from the ear LOBE
It might be on the house VINYLSIDING
Kind of sheet or music RAP
Clues Answers
Kitchen rack item SPICE
Large, leaflike part of a flower SPATHE
Lying on one's back SUPINE
Mad-at-the-world feeling OUTRAGE
No exemplar of grace OAF
Noisy brawl AFFRAY
Part of BTU UNIT
Partook of ATE
Pekoe or green TEA
Perfect IDEAL
Piece of cake SNAP
Puppy's bite NIP
Rabbit's foot, e.g AMULET
Reached the due date MATURED
Recruiting event for frat houses RUSH
Respectful title in India SRI
Rugged mountain ridges ARETES
Salad vegetable ENDIVE
School support org PTA
Scottish "no" NAE
Sexy Beatles lady SADIE
Short-sighted person MYOPE
Small bills ONES
Speech teachers RHETORS
Stove fuel, often GAS
Stylish, in the '60s MOD
Surveyor's map PLAT
Survivor of 60-Down, briefly VET
Take more than one's share of HOG
Tart to the max SOUREST
Tie a knot without warning? ELOPE
To any degree whatever ATALL
Two-way belief? TENET
Undergarment BRA
What Rocky sparred with SIDESOFBEEF
Where to find some big shots? PHOTOGRAPHALBUM
Where vision is most acute FOVEA
Word after "break" or "bump" INTO