Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Dec 25 2013

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Clues Answers
'Entourage' role ARI
'Mary -- little lamb ...' HADA
-- Arbor, MI ANN
-- even keel ONAN
2012 bear movie TED
4-Down, in the eyes of many BRAT
Afternoon social TEA
Atmosphere AIR
Before ERE
Biological bristles SETAE
Bit of mockery JAPE
Born NEE
Butcher's scraps OFFAL
Carte MENU
Cherished DEAR
Chess piece KNIGHT
Chooses, with 'for' OPTS
Cold War projectile (Abbr.) ICBM
Dennis Mitchell, e.g MENACE
Deserves EARNS
Dogpatch creator CAPP
Either 'Unforgettable' singer COLE
Extra MORE
Falsehood LIE
Get ready (for) PREP
Green banana PLANTAIN
Have bills OWE
Hour on a sundial III
Kampala's country UGANDA
Kelly or Wilder GENE
Krill, for instance PLANKTON
Little demons IMPS
Clues Answers
Long story SAGA
Loosen UNDO
Loudly echoic PLANGENT
Lubricate OIL
Metal disk to be made into a coin PLANCHET
Mideastern gulf ADEN
Morning moisture DEW
Nest, scientifically NIDUS
Nevada city RENO
One-name soccer legend PELE
Opens a bottle UNCAPS
Profession JOB
Pronto, in the ER STAT
Recognized KNEW
Reply to 'Shall we?' LETS
Rhine feeder RUHR
Russian river or range URAL
Sharp tooth FANG
Shock partner AWE
Skewer SPIT
Slight amount TAD
Succor AID
Take care of TEND
Teeny insect FLEA
Texas city PLANO
Thanksgiving veggie YAM
Unclothed NUDE
Underwear with underwire BRA
Unsigned (Abbr.) ANON
Verily YEA
Verve ELAN
Wapiti ELK
Wood-shaving tool PLANE