Canadiana - Dec 23 2013

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Clues Answers
Alias, so to speak AKA
Append ADD
Ballard and Sutton, familiarly HALS
Black cuckoo ANI
Bolshevik RED
Bruin's best ORR
Calgary Stock or India Pale? ALE
Cereal grain OAT
Chop AXE
Concur AGREE
Container for 29 Across KEG
Corset part STAT
Creeper VINE
Depart EXIT
Depend RELY
Dined ATE
Distress sig SOS
Double curve OGEE
Eastern potentate AGA
Employed USED
Expanse AREA
Finless fish EEL
Foundation garment BRA
Hairdo AFRO
Identical SAME
Irish org IRA
Join WED
Knock RAP
Level RASE
Little, condensed LIL
Malodourous varmint SKUNK
Margin of victory, at Assiniboia Downs ANOSE
Clues Answers
McClung and MacPhail WOMEN
Mimic APE
Mohawk insurrection OKA
Musical composition OPUS
Nautical rear AFT
Near sighted varmint MOLE
No, in Dundee NAE
Palmas or Plumas LAS
Partners MATES
Pelletier and Sale STARS
Pickpocket, slangily DIP
Pig pen STY
Proliferous varmint GOPHER
Ringtailed varmint RACOON
Saskatoon to Yorkton dir ESE
Sneaky varmint COTOTE
Studied closely PORED
Tease RAG
Teen terrorizer ALGEBRA
Temporal LAIC
That lady SHE
Touch roughly PAW
Twirl SPIN
Union official STEWARD
Unrefined RAW
Verily AMEN
Vicious varmint WEASEL
Weave TAT
Woody perennial SUMAC