New York Times - Dec 19 2013

Clues Answers
'All That Jazz' director FOSSE
'L'chaim,' literally TOLIFE
1960s British P.M. ___ Douglas-Home ALEC
A pride of lions? MANE
A train? BCD
Alfred Hitchcock title SIR
Asks in public, say ACCOSTS
Big band member / Wee one TUBATODDLER
Blanc who voiced Bugs Bunny MEL
Born NEE
Brine SEAW
Bulldozed RAZED
Camera type, briefly / London gallery SLRTATE
Canceled EXEDOUT
Chicken for dinner BROER
Computer key TAB
Cool dude CAT
Cow, perhaps AWE
Crimson / Opera texts DEEPREDLIBRETTI
Cry at an unveiling ETVOA
Director's cry CUT
Either the top or bottom half of this puzzle, figuratively speaking LAYER
Env. contents LTR
Extreme ULTRA
Falstaff's quaff ALE
Flight simulator TRAINER
Food wrap TINFO
Foofaraw ADO
Founded: abbr ESTD
Fourth pope / Snitch CLEMENTIRATFINK
Fruit or nuts / Silhouettes BANANASOUTLINES
Great finish? NESS
Ideal condition in which to ford a stream LOWW
Clues Answers
It gives Congress the power to declare war / Cyclist's stunt ARTICLEIWHEELIE
It may come in loose-leaf form TEA
Jumps back RECOS
Kind of wave SINE
King Harald's land: Abbr NOR
Light for Aladdin OLAMP
Lightly scented perfume TOETW
Living room fixture since the '50s COLORTV
Longtime Red Sox nickname YAZ
Makeup of les Caraïbes ILES
Numero di R's in 'arrivederci' / Razzes TRERIBS
Org. that usually meets in the evening PTA
Poetic paean ODE
Quarter or half PERIOD
Rebel yell WAHOO
Restaurant freebie ICEW
Rio ___ (Amazon feeder) NEGRO
Sch. with a campus in Providence URI
Séance phenomena / Seattle Center Coliseum, since 1995 TRANCESKEYARENA
Shrinking SHY
Sold (for) WENT
Somme summer ETE
Soother of an aching joint HOTWBAG
Taking care of business ONIT
Tic-tac-toe loser OXO
Times column: Abbr ARR
Together ATATIME
Treated, in a way, as a lawn LIMED
Wakeboard relative WSKI
Yellowhammer State: Abbr ALA
___ America / Final maneuver CAPTAINLASTPASS
___ avis / Two- or four-seater, maybe RARAMAITRED