Jonesin Crosswords - Dec 17 2013

Clues Answers
"American Pie," e.g SEXCOMEDY
"Burlesque" actress CHER
"Do Ya" rock group ELO
"Love Story" novelist Segal ERICH
"New car" or "burning tire" SMELL
"That's ___!" ALIE
"Who ___?" CARES
"___ digress..." BUTI
"___ Game" (2013 film) ENDERS
"___ Lang Syne" AULD
"___ recall..." ASI
1900 Puccini premiere TOSCA
1980s timepiece SWATCH
21, often LEGALAGE
A restaurant may hold it for you MAYO
Altar area APSE
Alternatives to Cokes RCS
Another, in Argentina OTRO
Asian economic hub SEOUL
Best of the best ELITE
Bilbao bear OSO
Binary digits ONES
Cater a party for Drew Brees? FEEDQUARTERBACK
Coup d'___ ETAT
Critters that may be "live" EELS
Do a radio remembrance of a late Pantera founder? AIRDIMEBAG
Drama king? LEAR
Electric fan setting LOW
Follower of boo, yoo or woo HOO
Former Israeli PM Golda MEIR
Furry movie creatures EWOKS
Heat up in a hurry NUKE
His fame involved a lot of twists RUBIK
Hook-shaped ski lift JBAR
Inkling IDEA
Insurance co. with a "spokesduck" AFLAC
Jewish month that sounds like a car NISAN
Clues Answers
Lob's trajectory ARC
Logical flaws HOLES
Martial artist in "Lethal Weapon 4" JETLI
Means MODE
Metal coating that's all the rage? HOTNICKELPLATE
Nicolas whom "Dog the Bounty Hunter" once posted bail for CAGE
Open a barrel TAP
Open-___ shoes TOED
Overly permissive LAX
Oyster's offering PEARL
Portrayer of Ricky on "I Love Lucy" DESI
Prefix that means "transcending" META
Pristine, to Brits UNSPOILT
Pump contents GAS
Punch out the clown from "It"? CLOCKPENNYWISE
Right in the atlas EAST
River that empties into the Caspian URAL
Some stocking stuffers TOYS
Some, in Seville UNAS
Stand-up comic Margaret CHO
Statement of denial IDIDNT
Sweeping BROAD
Take quickly SNAG
The Falcons, on scoreboards ATL
The Runnin' Rebels of the NCAA UNLV
TV ad come-on NEEDALOAN
Ubiquitous arcade game message, or a hint to this puzzle's theme INSERTCOIN
Visibly nervous QUAKY
Wanted poster letters AKA
Water park slide CHUTE
Wedding column word NEE
Where Alabama may be viewed, for short CMT
Word with crust or hand UPPER
World Heritage Site org UNESCO
Yesterday, in Cuba AYER
Youngster LAD
___ of thousands TENS