L.A. Times Daily - Dec 6 2013

Clues Answers
"Darn!" NERTS
"Dies __" IRAE
"Open" autobiographer AGASSI
"That can't be!" OHNO
"Toodles!" TATA
"__: Uprising": Disney sci-fi series TRON
'50s sitcom name DESI
1939 Garland co-star LAHR
Allegheny, as of 1979 USAIR
Attaché's place EMBASSY
Atty.'s group ABA
Audi rival, and, when spoken as a command, a hint to this puzzle's theme BMW
Bean sprout? IDEA
Bit of a scrap RUNIN
Blooms with hips ROSES
Contacted, in a way, briefly IMED
Culture medium AGAR
Dash no MPH
DDE and JFK, e.g INITS
Dreyer's partner in ice cream EDY
E, but not A, I, O or U DIR
Earthy hue ECRU
Fix potatoes the hard way? MASHBYHAND
Flat pack furniture seller IKEA
Friendly response to a knock ITSOPEN
Grant access ADMIT
Heat energy source? MIAMI
Herb that protected Odysseus from Circe's magic MOLY
Icelandic literary work EDDA
Impel PROD
Introduce gradually, with "in" PHASE
Is inclined TILTS
It may be a lot ACRE
Letter before mu LAMBDA
Majestic REGAL
Maker of the Mighty Dump TONKA
Move a little STIR
Mumbai music RAGA
Clues Answers
Muse for Millay ERATO
Odd way to check for ore? MINETASTING
Official with a seal NOTARY
On the roof of ATOP
One in the standings TEAM
One seen in a store dish CENT
Opening on Broadway ACTI
Optional component ADDON
Pamplona pals AMIGAS
Pyle of Mayberry GOMER
Ref's ruling TKO
Remote hiding places? SOFAS
Remove LOP
Rye fungus ERGOT
Scraped together, with "out" EKED
Seeing red IRKED
Self-referential prefix, in modern lingo META
Serve from a pot LADLE
Shows of support YEAS
Some arm bands TATS
Some shooters, briefly SLRS
Some tides NEAPS
South Pacific islander SAMOAN
Steel girder IBEAM
Summons from the cosmetician? MAKEUPCALL
Tabloids, to some RAGS
Texter's button SEND
Trade item? TOOL
Uncomfortable place to be in LIMBO
Use money to make money INVEST
Waimea Bay locale OAHU
What you need when your car is stuck in the mud? MIRESERVICE
Winter coat HOAR
Without exception ALWAYS
Words of denial NOTI
Work on the web SPIN
__ accompli FAIT