New York Times - Dec 4 2013

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Clues Answers
'The Complete Works of Shakespeare,' e.g TOME
'The Hurt Locker' setting IRAQ
'___ fan tutte' COSI
About, on memos INRE
Antidiscrimination org EEOC
Area jiggled while twerking REAR
AT&T Stadium feature DOME
Attend a homecoming, say REUNE
Baseball's Old Professor STENGEL
Battle cry ATTACK
Believers in one god THEISTS
Biblical verb ending ETH
Brilliant 13-Down NOVA
Burn application ALOE
Centers of attention LOCI
Cheer starter VIVA
Cloned menace of film TREX
Cobras of Egypt ASPS
Collections SETS
Dairy aisle rating GRADEA
Disbursed OUTLAID
Drawback MINUS
Dye-yielding shrub ANIL
Elevs HGTS
Elvis's label RCA
Elvis's trademark look SNEER
En masse ASONE
Ending like '-like' ESQUE
Floored it SPED
Follow-the-leader sorts APERS
Food critic's assessments of calamari? SQUIDMARKS
Helen of Troy's mother LEDA
Horse with a patchy coat PINTO
Identifies, on Facebook TAGS
Jalopy CRATE
James Stewart title role MRSMITH
Kosygin of Russia ALEXEI
Lithium or iridium METAL
Clues Answers
Long and lean LANK
Made more aware SENSITIZED
Maneuver on a chessboard? SQUARETACTIC
Math subj. with proofs GEOM
Mens ___ (criminal intent) REA
Newspaper ad meas SQIN
Nintendo's Super ___ NES
One on the first side to vote, usually YEA
One seeing pink elephants SOT
Ones coming on board HIREES
Outstanding posture for a catcher? GREATSQUAT
P on campus RHO
Part of a Holmes comment to Watson MYDEAR
Perry who's on the case MASON
Prego competitor RAGU
Proof finale letters QED
Proterozoic ___ EON
Puts in ADDS
River under the Ponte Vecchio ARNO
Rug rat pursuer? SQUIRTCHASER
Sellers of tips TOUTS
Southern Cross unit STAR
Stallone's genre ACTION
Steinway offering GRAND
Strong point ASSET
Suffix with sonnet EER
Symbol of strength OAK
Talk show physician DROZ
The 'A' of I.P.A ALE
The last 30 seconds of many TV shows TEASERS
Tony-nominated musical based on a 1992 Disney movie NEWSIES
Topiary pro LANDSCAPER
Touched down ALIT
Trim, as a photo CROP
Tycoon on the Titanic ASTOR
Year-end decorations WREATHS
___ Cruces, N.M LAS