USA Today - Dec 4 2013

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Clues Answers
"Great" boy detective NATE
"Y" sound symbol TILDE
Academic paper abbr ETAL
Advantageous position DRIVERSSEAT
All-knowing one ORACLE
Allegro con ___ BRIO
Ancient alphabetic character RUNE
Antique object RELIC
Around NEAR
Au pair's charge TYKE
Auto club offering TOW
Banana oil, e.g ESTER
Bart Simpson's aunt SELMA
Beat painfully THROB
Betrothed one's destination ALTAR
Comply with a command OBEY
Dangerous marine creature ORCA
Eagle's picker-upper TALON
Ex-boxer Spinks LEON
Folk wisdom LORE
Fully engrossed RAPT
Garbage barge SCOW
Goof off LOLL
Grammar school sticky stuff PASTE
Hogg and others IMAS
Humiliate ABASE
Inclusion with a manuscript (Abbr.) SASE
Informed about UPON
Inventory count item UNIT
It blooms in the fall ASTER
It can raise one up a bit STEPSTOOL
It comes to mind IDEA
It has a head and hops? ALE
It may have three palms ISLET
It may precede a chaser SHOT
Kidney-related RENAL
Lassoed ROPED
Like three famous pigs LITTLE
Lively and jaunty PERT
Clues Answers
Look out for, say ABET
Made a "moo" LOWED
Made from flax LINEN
Make pretty ADORN
Makes an effort to locate SEEKS
Manx of the house? PET
Mistreatment ILLUSE
Mouth-watering reading material MENU
Neutral shade TAUPE
Oil giant AMOCO
Once, in the past ERST
One who's attained Nirvana ARHAT
Part of NEA ARTS
Put up ERECT
Rigatoni, e.g PASTA
Rummager's spot ATTIC
Sea dogs TARS
Secret storage spot CACHE
Shark of a moneylender USURER
Some office supplies PENS
Stage comeback? ENCORE
Steal TAKE
Stroller's rest spot PARKBENCH
Sudden outburst of praise SALVO
Sun-cracked SERE
Thomas Jefferson invention SWIVELCHAIR
Treebeard's kin ENTS
Type of card or union CREDIT
Type of fiddle BASS
Undo by degrees ERODE
Unfun assignment CHORE
Unspecified person ONE
Unstraightened BENT
Wang of fashion VERA
With the bow, in music ARCO
Word said just before solving a tricky clue AHA
Words before "record" or "trap" SETA
Worldwide oil power OPEC
___ Day and the Knights OTIS