L.A. Times Daily - Dec 3 2013

Clues Answers
"Ain't Misbehavin'" Tony winner Carter NELL
"Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" director ANGLEE
"Everything's fine" ALLOK
"I Believe I Can Fly" singer RKELLY
"Picnic" playwright INGE
"__ say something wrong?" DIDI
'50s automotive failure EDSEL
Adornments for noses and toes RINGS
Alabama, but not Kansas? TRIO
Alaskan capital JUNEAU
Barely beats EDGES
Burning desire? ARSON
Cathedral area APSE
CBS drama with two spin-offs CSI
China's Zhou __ ENLAI
Chop __: Chinese American dish SUEY
Circus performer? FLEA
Cookie container JAR
Dangerous things to risk LIFEANDLIMB
Desires YENS
Dictation whiz STENO
Dollhouse cups, saucers, etc TEASETS
Dot in the ocean ISLET
Elected ones INS
End-of-the-workweek cry TGIF
Equestrian's supply box SADDLETRUNK
Exeter's county DEVON
Garden center supply SEED
Geometric suffix GON
Gets married TIESTHEKNOT
Gore and Green ALS
Grand Rapids-to-Detroit dir ESE
Had a hunch SENSED
Hebrides native GAEL
Hero's quality NERVE
Clues Answers
High school choral group GLEECLUB
Illinois city that symbolizes Middle America PEORIA
Lacto-__ vegetarian OVO
Like Bach's music BAROQUE
Like potato chips SALTY
Mass transit carrier BUS
Member of the fam SIS
More desperate, as circumstances DIRER
Morose SAD
One, to one, e.g SQUAREROOT
Pebble Beach's 18 HOLES
Pied Piper followers RATS
Printer's widths EMS
Protected condition SAFETY
Renoir output ART
Reps: Abbr AGTS
Retirement destination? BED
SALT concerns ABMS
Solar system sci ASTR
Some portals DOORS
Spoil ROT
Stadium ARENA
Superlative suffix IEST
The K.C. Chiefs represented it in Super Bowl I AFL
The last Mrs. Chaplin OONA
There's a lane for one at many intersections LEFTTURN
Thin, decorative metal SILVERLEAF
This, to Michelle CET
Throw hard HURL
Underworld group MAFIA
Valuables ASSETS
What a 63-Across may speak ERSE
Years in a decade TEN