New York Times - Dec 3 2013

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Clues Answers
'I had not thought death had undone so ___': 'The Waste Land' MANY
'Mad Men' output ADS
'Who'da thought?!' WELLILLBE
'___, humbug!' BAH
Allude to HINTAT
Anticipate AWAIT
Bad serves FAULTS
Blow away WOW
Bobbysoxer's footwear SADDLESHOES
Bone: Prefix OSTEO
Bureau of the Dept. of the Treasury IRS
Candy bar brand HEATH
Certain guitar DOBRO
Cliff ___, 2008 Cy Young Award winner LEE
Computer downloads, informally APPS
Conniptions FITS
Contraction in 'The Star-Spangled Banner' OER
Cubs' and Eagles' org BSA
Draw a breath INSPIRE
Elhi support grp PTA
Goes fast TEARS
High schooler, typically TEEN
Hindu honorific SRI
How French fries are fried INOIL
India's ___ Rebellion, 1857-59 SEPOY
Ivan IV and V TSARS
King killed in the sack of Troy PRIAM
Laceration GASH
Latch (onto) GLOM
Line to fill a tire AIRHOSE
Lower end of the strike zone KNEE
Made a perfect engine sound HUMMED
Many a map of Hawaii INSET
Mater ___ (the Virgin Mary) DEI
Meadow LEA
Modern prefix meaning 'super' UBER
Clues Answers
Much H. L. Mencken output ESSAYS
Mushroom piece STEM
N.H.L.'s James ___ Memorial Trophy NORRIS
National color of the Netherlands ORANGE
Nestlé bar BITOHONEY
Odontalgia TOOTHACHE
Old Dodge compacts NEONS
One likely to go [hic!] SOT
One low in a pantheon LESSERGOD
One that doesn't belong ODDMANOUT
Pig-out party? LUAU
Political assembly CAUCUS
Premium brand of the Volkswagen Group AUDI
Presidential nickname ABE
Professional filibusterers: Abbr SENS
Rapper Mos ___ DEF
Score tally: Abbr PTS
Scout's job, informally RECON
Shake JAR
Shin-related TIBIAL
Sleeveless garment HALTERTOP
Small, low island CAY
Some are secret, and some are special AGENTS
Some jazz BEBOP
Steel-___ boots TOED
Sushi bar soup MISO
The S.E.C. regulates it IPO
The signs in the movie 'Signs' CROPCIRCLES
Toledo Mud Hens' class AAA
U.P.S. unit: Abbr CTN
Ukr., Est. and Lith., once SSRS
When Armed Forces Day falls MIDMAY
Win four out of four, say SWEEP
Wished HOPED
___ alai JAI
___ Kadiddlehopper (Red Skelton character) CLEM
___Life MET