Universal - Aug 10 2005

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Clues Answers
''Nude Lying on a ___'' (Francois Boucher painting) SOFA
''Oh, sure!'' IBET
''The Acts of the Apostles'' composer TYE
''What ___ can I say?'' ELSE
''___ whiz!'' GEE
90 degrees from norte ESTE
A star stands for it STATE
Acts foppish PREENS
Agts. usually get 10 PCT
Amount to be raised, perhaps ANTE
Bakery elevator? YEAST
Be stealthy TIPTOE
Betsy or Diana ROSS
Capital of the Nabataeans PETRA
Cathedral protuberance APSE
Cloud formations STRATI
Coffeehouse entertainer, perhaps POET
Cosmo of early TV TOPPER
Course figure PAR
Disaccustom WEAN
Dispirited GLUM
Diurnal periods DAYS
Early settlers of Iceland NORSE
Emulates a frog LEAPS
Entertainer Brickell EDIE
Exploding stars NOVAS
Fabled ''Arabian Nights'' creature ROC
Father of Methuselah ENOCH
First fratricide victim ABEL
Fourteen pounds, in Brighton STONE
Garbage barge SCOW
Halle Berry flick BAPS
Horn or Hatteras CAPE
Hound's clue SCENT
Jetsons' pet ASTRO
Legendary singer James ETTA
Lennon's spouse ONO
Clues Answers
Like hand-me-downs USED
Made a choice OPTED
Man Friday AIDE
Mélange OLIO
Metric measures KILOS
Mixer's asset ICE
Mocked APED
More fastidious NEATER
Musical speed TEMPO
Muslim's Almighty ALLAH
Neither here nor there GONE
One glued to the tube COUCHPOTATO
Oval nut PECAN
Painter Degas EDGAR
Paper for the house DEED
Peak in the Cascades SHASTA
Person of equal standing PEER
Place for Polo, once ASIA
Pointed arch OGIVE
Pudding starch SAGO
Ready for business OPEN
Sagging DROOPY
Simulated STAGED
Sluggish by nature INERT
Some altar art ICONS
Some kitchen gadgets RICERS
Stage of growth ADULT
Susan Lucci soap role ERICA
Take up a leg, e.g. ALTER
They may be bitter ENDS
Three-hand card game SKAT
Transported by delight ENRAPT
Very small amounts TADS
Whopper TALE
Wine vat waste LEES
Word with fly or clap TRAP
Word with goods, history or study CASE
___ lazuli LAPIS