New York Times - Nov 28 2013

Clues Answers
'A Day Without Rain' singer ENYA
'Ah-OO-gah!' horns KLAXONS
'Gross!' EEW
'I'm outta here!' SEEYA
6 letters MNO
Anti-apartheid activist Steve BIKO
Antidiscrimination grp NAACP
Balloon ballast SANDBAG
Base of a certain pole, figuratively LOWMAN
Beaker material PYREX
Bellum's opposite PAX
Blarney Castle's county CORK
Canadian-born comedian once featured on the cover of Time SAHL
Chant from a 32-Down, maybe YOHOHO
Cinderella's soiree BALL
Classic toothpaste name IPANA
Comcast and CenturyLink, in brief ISPS
Cottonwoods ALAMOS
Cult classic whose title is depicted four times in this puzzle SNAKESONAPLANE
Door fixture HASP
Ed of 'Up' ASNER
Flower feature CALYX
For a specific purpose ADHOC
For instance SAY
Future queen, maybe PAWN
Gang Green member NEWYORKJET
Grate RASP
Historic leader? PRE
Hold dear ADORE
Hook's place CLASP
Horror film director Alexandre ___ AJA
Host of the 1972 Winter Olympics SAPPORO
Human ___ BEING
Isn't content with the status quo, say ASPIRES
Joe Louis, to fans THEBROWNBOMBER
Keep ___ on TABS
Kind of bean SOYA
Clues Answers
Kind of card AMEX
Like some verbs: Abbr IRR
Little Bighorn conflict SIOUXWAR
Mother of Nike, in Greek myth STYX
Mrs. James Joyce NORA
Nimble SPRY
Not for the Parti Québécois? PAS
Object of scrutiny at airport security LAPTOP
Offspring SPAWN
One interested in current affairs? HANGGLIDER
One-named sports star who was once the highest-paid athlete in the world PELE
Org. that fought Napster RIAA
Out, in a way UNDER
Outwit, in a way, with 'out' PSYCH
Party congregation site, maybe KEG
Playing longer than expected, for short INOT
Positive principle YANG
Recipe instruction MIXIN
School at which students are collared? SEMINARY
See 22-Down MATEY
Small antelope ORIBI
Some queens RANIS
Some radios AMS
Some TV drama settings, for short ERS
Stowed stuff STASH
Street shader ELM
Tennis's Mandlikova HANA
Terminal info ETAS
They may be cast-iron POTS
Tip off WARN
Toon's place CEL
Voice mail imperative PRESS
Words of praise ODE
___ in progress (iPhone phrase) SYNC
___ it all ABOVE