- Nov 27 2013

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Clues Answers
''Bingo!'' AHA
''Get lost!'' SHOO
''Star Trek'' captain KIRK
''To __ is human . . .'' ERR
A whole lot MUCH
Adventure tale SAGA
Alias initials AKA
Alliance acronym NATO
Back from work ATHOME
Bar assn. member ATTY
Bend down STOOP
Boxer's quest TITLE
Boxer's target CHIN
Bring into harmony SYNC
Bundle of energy DYNAMO
Call for attention PSST
Capricorn's symbol GOAT
Cease STOP
Central ideas THEMES
Chips in ANTES
Clarinet insert REED
Cloud's locale SKY
Code of conduct ETHIC
Comic's quest LAUGHS
Demeanor MIEN
Desert formation DUNE
Digs for pigs STY
Down in the dumps SAD
Dr. Salk's conquest POLIO
Factory yield OUTPUT
Fifth word of ''America'' THEE
Fitness centers SPAS
Follow, as a tip ACTON
Freeway access RAMP
Fuel tanker OILER
G sharp alias AFLAT
General vicinity AREA
Get in touch with REACH
Govt. food grader USDA
Clues Answers
Greatly impresses AWES
Help, as in a heist ABET
Heroic deed FEAT
Homeric epic ILIAD
Innovative NEW
Key near F1 ESC
Kids' dyed-egg source EASTERBUNNY
Kids' nursery-rhyme source MOTHERGOOSE
Kids' overnight-payment source TOOTHFAIRY
Kids' toy source SANTACLAUS
Lake birds LOONS
Lean eater of rhyme SPRAT
Midterm, for one TEST
Nintendo game system WII
Part of an eyelid LASH
Peruse again REREAD
Pie nut PECAN
Poke fun at RIB
Puzzling situation ENIGMA
Reddish hair dye HENNA
Sheets of glass PANES
Show boredom YAWN
Show to be a hoax DEBUNK
Sluggishness TORPOR
Small knob KNURL
Social standing STATUS
Sprinter's assignment LANE
Subsequently THEN
Take __ (rest) TEN
Thwart FOIL
Ticket, informally DUCAT
Trade group GUILD
Uncool one NERD
Very small MINI
Vet's patient PET
Winter headwear HOODS
Worse than fair POOR