Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Nov 25 2013

Clues Answers
'Of course' YES
A long time AGES
Actress Thurman UMA
Apiece PER
Black or Baltic SEA
Born NEE
Capri, e.g ISLE
Cavalry sword SABER
CBS logo EYE
Century parts (Abbr.) YRS
Choose (for) OPT
Chopper AXE
Coaster SLED
Deleted, in a way XED
Establish by force IMPOSE
Exist ARE
Fashion MODE
Figures of speech TROPES
Fire residue ASH
Fish eggs ROE
Frost remover DEICER
Group of sentences PARAGRAPH
Half dozen SIX
Has permission MAY
Helen of -- TROY
Hit with a ray gun ZAP
I love (Lat.) AMO
In a chair SEATED
Intend MEAN
Large merchant ship ARGOSY
Lariat ROPE
Lawyers' org ABA
Clues Answers
Levy TAX
Like some cuisine ETHNIC
Madam's counterpart SIR
Merriment GLEE
Mini-quake TREMOR
Mold anew RESHAPE
Morocco's capital RABAT
Move with vigor ZIP
Needle-and-thread users DARNERS
Nonstick spray brand PAM
Old saying ADAGE
Pass, as a law ENACT
Past AGO
Pet shop tweeters PARAKEETS
Pond-surface matter SCUM
Put in a box ENCASE
Refrain syllables TRALA
Rock drummer Ulrich LARS
Run off to marry ELOPE
Savings plan acronym IRA
Scarlet RED
Skydiver's need PARACHUTE
Stares openmouthed GAPES
Steal from ROB
Stops up CLOGS
Stuffed FULL
Thailand, once SIAM
That man's HIS
Weill or Waldheim KURT
Workweek start (Abbr.) MON
Young cow CALF