New York Times - Nov 23 2013

Clues Answers
'Chicago' setting JAZZAGE
'Que ___-je?' ('What do I know?': Fr.) SAIS
'St. John Passion' composer JSBACH
'That's clever!' NEATIDEA
'The Great Caruso' title role player LANZA
'You're not the only one!' ICANTOO
'___ see' SOI
Adder's defense FANGS
Aid in getting a grip VISE
Asset in a drag contest FASTCAR
Benchmark mark APLUS
Billy who played the Phantom in 'The Phantom' ZANE
Board game with black and white stones PENTE
California's ___ Sea (rift lake) SALTON
Check spec AMT
Choice for a long shot ZOOM
Colombian kinfolk TIAS
Couple seen at a baby shower BOOTEES
Crew's director COX
Cuts up DICES
Does some farrier's work on RESHOES
First name among Italian explorers AMERIGO
Geiger of Geiger counter fame HANS
Got a 41-Across on ACED
Grammy-nominated Ford LITA
Groveled ATEDIRT
Hard knocks SLAMS
Home of Southeast Asia's largest mosque JAKARTA
Impolite interruption BELCH
Indigo source ANIL
It includes pinning and throwing JUJITSU
It might hold up a holdup ALARM
It's often parried LUNGE
Its main island is Unguja ZANZIBAR
Clues Answers
Leisurely strolls PASEOS
Like many laptop cameras BUILTIN
Like the human genome, before the 1990s UNMAPPED
Member of 31-Down's team BLITZEN
Modern Persian FARSI
News briefs ITEMS
No-yeast feast SEDER
Now, to Nicolás AHORA
One feeling 15-Across after Super Bowl III JETSFAN
Parking meeter? VALET
Perpetual 10-year-old of TV BART
Person with small inventions FIBBER
Pole star? SANTA
Prepare to pull the trigger TAKEAIM
Pupil of Pissarro CEZANNE
Reason for a semiannual shift: Abbr DST
Recess for a joint MORTISE
Relative of Aztec UTE
Rescue vessel? ARK
Sitcom pal of Barbarino and Horshack EPSTEIN
Skunk and such FURS
Skyrocket SHOOTUP
Slam dunk stat HANGTIME
Sound in the comic 'B.C.' ZOT
Spinal cord surrounders PIAS
Star in Virgo SPICA
Tepid consent GUESSSO
They have seats PANTS
They're off-limits: Var TABUS
Title name written 'on the door of this legended tomb,' in poetry ULALUME
Too, to Thérèse AUSSI
Whence a girl who's 'like a samba,' in song IPANEMA
Wile E. Coyote buy TNT
With ramifications ATACOST