Universal - Nov 22 2013

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Clues Answers
"In case you ___ noticed ..." HADNT
"Med" or "law" lead-in PRE
"The Most Happy ___" (Loesser musical) FELLA
"___ your call" ITS
Author Madeleine L'___ ENGLE
Bled in the wash RAN
Bonnie and Clyde caper HEIST
Braid together ENTWIST
Brilliantly colored marine fish WRASSE
Buccaneer's port TAMPA
Busy Midwest airport OHARE
Classic Wham-O toy FRISBEE
Clever doughboy? SMARTCOOKIE
Collection of anecdotes ANA
Coloring stuff DYE
Cow-feteria? LEA
Dreamy sleep stage REM
Everything or everyone ALL
Failed to include OMITTED
Feature of some home offices ROLLTOPDESK
Festival setup TENT
First name in talk shows ELLEN
Florestan's jailer in "Fidelio" ROCCO
Forecast or prognosticate PREDICT
Founder of psychoanalysis FREUD
Gains consciousness WAKES
Gas, brake or clutch, e.g PEDAL
Group of six HEXAD
Half a dovetail joint TENON
He's probably not the marrying type PLAYBOY
House division ROOM
Household task CHORE
Implied MEANT
It's penned up INK
Kind of society HONOR
Like eggs prepped for scrambling WHISKED
Locale of many teahouses FAREAST
Clues Answers
Locales AREAS
MGM mascot's name LEO
Miss Piggy's question MOI
More than punctual EARLY
Mountain ridge ARETE
Nafta, e.g PACT
Nod's neighbor EDEN
One might get hooked WORM
P-shaped Greek letter RHO
Part of a green mantra REUSE
Perceptible by touch TACTILE
Pinch the edges of a piecrust CRIMP
Plenty sore IRATE
Police action ARREST
Prominent rock TOR
Protruding window ORIEL
Remunerates PAYS
Revolver inventor COLT
River's end DELTA
Seam treasure ORE
Ship that was double-booked ARK
Stats for pitchers ERAS
Supervillain Luthor LEX
Traveling guesstimate, for short ETA
Tree-hugger? MOSS
Truncation abbr ETC
Unit of work ERG
Use one of the five W's ASK
Waggle dance insects BEES
Waiter's parting word after serving ENJOY
Water in Cannes EAU
Went no further ENDED
What the sympathizer lends ANEAR
When doubled, gung-ho RAH
Wherefores' companions WHYS
Worst motel ever BATES
Young salmon PARR
___ du Flambeau, Wis LAC
___ for the taking YOURS