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Clues Answers
'-- -Cop' RENTA
'-- So Vain' YOURE
'Absolutely' NODOUBT
'Ella' author Geller URI
'Holiday' actor Ayres LEW
'It takes two to --' TANGO
'Now -- the time' ISNOT
'Presto --!' (magician's cry) CHANGO
'Which way -- he go?' DID
-- -en-Provence, France AIX
-- -Pitch softball SLO
-- Paulo SAO
A Disney princess MULAN
A drug might cure it DISEASE
Actor's signal CUE
Actress Maryam d'-- ABO
Adult kitten CAT
Alan of the screen ALDA
Alphabet quintet AEIOU
An inning has six OUTS
Apt to gab CHATTY
Arranges like a graphic designer LAYSOUT
Atypical ODD
Austin-to-Boston dir ENE
Author Morrison TONI
Back in style RETRO
Bad lighting? ARSON
Baglike part SAC
Bartender's 'rocks' ICE
Battery part ANODE
Big skin-care brand NEUTROGENA
Bill Gates' wife MELINDA
Bits of sparkly stuff GLITTER
Bond girl player Green EVA
Bumps that contain taste buds PAPILLAE
Bursts in suddenly IRRUPTS
Cake portion PIECE
Character of a culture ETHOS
Cheri formerly of 'Saturday Night Live' OTERI
Constellation Cygnus THESWAN
Costa -- Sol DEL
Deborah of 'Quo Vadis' KERR
Disgusting NASTY
Drone HUM
Election loser, e.g ALSORAN
Element #26 IRON
End of the riddle GOODTITLEFORIT
Enzyme suffix ASE
Eritrea's capital ASMARA
Excitement AROUSAL
Exerciser's moisture SWEAT
Exertion EFFORT
Find a new abode for as a pet, REHOME
Fly south, say MIGRATE
Former New York senator Al D'-- AMATO
Former veep Humphrey HUBERT
French for 'father' PERE
Go-ahead signals NODS
Gradually narrows TAPERS
Great Plains natives OTOES
Has life EXISTS
Have a slant LEAN
Hollywood's Mineo SAL
Home of the Buccaneers TAMPA
Ill-gotten wealth PELF
Illuminated by a flame FIRELIT
In a little bit ANON
It gets the graphite out ERASER
Japanese cartoon style ANIME
Jokester Johnson ARTE
Clues Answers
Jump for joy perhaps, LEAPUP
Just dandy AOK
Kid-friendly card game UNO
Kidney-related RENAL
Lacking depth, briefly ONED
Landlocked African land MALI
Left a lasting mark on SCARRED
Leisurely gait LOPE
Little Richard's '-- Frutti' TUTTI
Location AREA
Methods of cell division MITOSES
Mob group MAFIA
Modest 'As I see it to texters,' IMHO
Most aching SOREST
Mourning people GRIEVERS
Napping, say RESTING
Nemesis FOE
Old boomer SST
Pinwheel-shaped roll KAISER
Pitch source TAR
Place-marking folds DOGEARS
Prefix with physics ASTRO
Rate -- (be perfect) ATEN
Reno's st NEV
Reverend famous for swapping sounds SPOONER
Rhythm BEAT
Riddle, part 3 AMONGMEMBERS
Riddle, part 4 OFACERTAINOLD
Riddle, part 5 GERMANICTRIBE
Riddle, part 6 WHATWOULDBEA
Roils up STIRS
Roomy auto SEDAN
Ryder Cup org PGA
Salon boards EMERIES
Secure in position again REFIX
Sharif and Bradley OMARS
Skirt line HEM
Sock-in-the-gut sound OOF
Some diving positions TUCKS
Some roller coasters LOOPERS
Sound from a boozer HIC
Started again as a former habit, REVERTEDTO
Step face RISER
Strength ASSET
Suffix with prank or poll STER
Super 8, e.g MOTEL
Super Sunday stats TDS
Superpower until 1991 USSR
Tax write-off LOSS
Tee- -- HEE
Texas siege setting ALAMO
That, in Chihuahua ESA
Tier ROW
Top card ACE
Total flop BOMB
Toy brick brand LEGO
Traveler Polo MARCO
Trial promise OATH
Trio plus three SEXTET
TV 'Drag Race' host RUPAUL
Urban rails ELS
Water, in Lille EAU
Witch trials town SALEM
Writer -- Calvino ITALO
Years and years AGES
Zadora of 'Hairspray' PIA