L.A. Times Daily - Nov 14 2013

Clues Answers
"Aren't you a little short for a Stormtrooper?" speaker LEIA
"Eight Is Enough" wife ABBY
"Movies for movie lovers" network TMC
"What are you waiting for?!" NOW
*Entice with USEASBAIT
*Has unfinished business with the IRS OWESBACKTAXES
*Make it not hurt so much EASETHEPAIN
*Marching order EYESFRONT
Aleutian island ATKA
Any of the top 25 NFL career scoring leaders KICKER
Architect's add-on ELL
At any time EVER
Author Harper LEE
Awakenings AROUSALS
Bad check letters NSF
Bark relative YIP
Bedroom community EXURB
Biblical priest who trained Samuel ELI
Capable of change ADAPTIVE
Card game for two, usually WAR
Conversation opener LETSTALK
Cookbook categories CUISINES
Drink Г la Fido LAPUP
Eggheads BRAINS
Egyptian dam ASWAN
Faunae counterparts FLORAE
Film critic Jeffrey LYONS
Golf, for one CAR
Good buddy BRO
Govt. surveillance group NSA
Grassy area LEA
Harness part REIN
Hip joint INSPOT
Isabel Allende title SENORA
Jets and others TEAMS
Clues Answers
Lacking the required funds SHY
Like some wedding dresses LACY
Long haul TREK
Many AARP The Magazine readers: Abbr SRS
Mex. neighbor USA
MLB team, familiarly (and what's missing from the sequence found in the answers to starred clues?) THEAS
Moll's leg GAM
Motor extension? OLA
Mr. Holland portrayer DREYFUSS
Nikkei Index currency YEN
Opponents of the '60s-'70s New Left NEOCONS
Orthodontic concern OVERBITE
Play about Capote TRU
PTA meeting site SCH
Put on again REAIR
Ran across MET
Ride the wake, say WATERSKI
Role for John Cho in "Star Trek" SULU
Silly sorts GEESE
Simpsons creator Groening MATT
Social setting MILIEU
Some auction transactions ARTSALES
Song of praise PAEAN
Spot on the tube TVAD
Stands for things EASELS
Strike zones? ALLEYS
Together, in music ADUE
Tre times due SEI
Turned around SLUED
Type of cranial nerve OPTIC
Winged god EROS
Word after fire or power DRILL
Yeats' "The Wild __ at Coole" SWANS
Zellweger et al RENEES
__ de Chine: light fabric CREPE
__ nutshell INA
__ out: barely make EKE