USA Today - Nov 12 2013

Clues Answers
"Balderdash!" PSHAW
"Conservative" starter ULTRA
"Go ahead! I'm an open book!" ASK
"I don't know" lead-in GEE
"The First ___ the Deepest" CUTIS
"Under the ___" ("The Little Mermaid" tune) SEA
"Yes," at a wedding IDO
"___, Caesar!" AVE
"___-Ho" ("Snow White" song) HEIGH
Absolute, as nonsense UTTER
Adirondack chair part SLAT
African plains grazer GNU
Agent, briefly REP
Animal featured on Wyoming's flag BISON
Append ADD
Avoid answering directly EVADE
Beauty expert Elizabeth ARDEN
Belonging to the man HIS
Biggest blood vessel AORTA
Boiled and baked bread bun BAGEL
Brunch cocktails MIMOSAS
By way of VIA
Caine and Connery, for two SIRS
Cognizant of one's surroundings AWARE
Collins of Genesis PHIL
Commit perjury LIE
Creates a lap SITS
Destination bound ENROUTE
Donahue of "Father Knows Best" ELINOR
English teacher's concern USAGE
Enjoys one's existence LIVES
Female fawn DOE
Gerry Rafferty hit BAKERSTREET
Greek goddess of wisdom ATHENA
Guitar-neck tools CAPOS
Hitches or glitches SNAGS
International traveler's permit VISA
It improves night vision STREETLIGHT
It's boring or it's useless AUGER
Clues Answers
Jim Henson gave him voice ERNIE
Lent support to AIDED
Like a shepherd's crook BENT
Like uncooked meat RAW
Long-tailed rodent RAT
Maple syrup, essentially SAP
Mel Gibson film (with "The") ROADWARRIOR
Mexican state on the Gulf of California SONORA
Move like the tide, half the time EBB
Nod backwards? DON
North, in Manhattan UPTOWN
Old Pontiac muscle cars GTOS
One requirement for a perfect game NOHITS
One who works at a stable HOSTLER
Org. that endorses toothpaste ADA
Part of a green mantra REUSE
Peg of the links TEE
Personas' counterparts ANIMAS
Planted, as a new crop SOWED
Poet's globe ORB
Red-eyed ___ (songbird) VIREO
Remove air, as from a radiator BLEED
Ritzy residences ESTATES
Scatter over BESTREW
Seedless mandarin orange SATSUMA
Sharp, narrow mountain ridge or spur ARETE
Snake with venom ADDER
Some math test answers SUMS
Sulky sort MOPER
Sum of yours and mine OURS
Tidal bore EAGRE
Transportation on the slopes TBAR
Umbrage IRE
Undergarments BRAS
Wee hour TWO
What nomads hit? THEOPENROAD
When it's saved, it's taken SEAT
Withered and dry SERE
___ fide BONA