USA Today - Aug 5 2005

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Clues Answers
''Fudge!'' DRAT
''I gotta get outta here!'' feeling CABINFEVER
''Misery'' co-star CAAN
''Much ___ About Nothing'' ADO
''The Divine Comedy'' poet DANTE
''What a surprise!'' OHO
''___ you be my neighbor?'' WONT
Above partner OVER
Accountant's arrangement TAXSHELTER
Actor Diesel VIN
Arafat's opening? (Var.) ALEF
Asian palm ARECA
Beguiling lass SIREN
Black American cuckoos ANIS
Brought to naught UNDID
Chairperson, e.g. PRESIDER
Clapton and Heiden ERICS
Con job SCAM
Covent Garden, for one OPERAHOUSE
Cumulus lead-in ALTO
Cuprite, e.g. ORE
Debtor's papers IOUS
Deflect AVERT
Delete ERASE
Endgame game CHESS
Essential flower oil ATAR
Food grinder MOLAR
Foolish fellow SIMP
Give a seat to ELECT
Hall-of-Famer Ralph KINER
Harangue the crowd ORATE
Hardly haute cuisine SLOP
Hardly stern LAX
Having knowledge LEARNED
In great shape HALE
Indisposed AVERSE
Indoor ball NERF
Clues Answers
Instruments for Rostropovich CELLOS
It follows ''Que'' in a song SERA
Jug handles EARS
Like Pliny ELDER
Like some thunderstorms SEVERE
Low barrier PARAPET
Madrid munchie TAPA
Maids tend them METERS
Mississippi Mass, for one CHOIR
Muscat and ___ OMAN
Needing sustenance UNDERFED
Place for a pad KNEE
Prefix for while ERST
Prefix meaning one trillion TERA
Rebuke verbally TELLOFF
Reveres ADORES
Ring of Fire output LAVA
Rude subway passengers? SHOVERS
Sandcastle setting SHORE
Shaving cream ingredient, perhaps ALOE
Short helper? ASST
Slender reed OBOE
Some breaking balls SLIDERS
Some folks on foot PARADERS
Start for giving or taking MIS
Survey finding AREA
Take a stand POSE
Tara title-holder OHARA
Track and field contest MEET
Type of superstore HOMECENTER
Union of the past SOVIET
Value too highly OVERRATE
Vogue rival ELLE
Warmed up REHEATED
Weapons of yore SNEES
Wee-hour broadcast LATESHOW
You may come to one STOP