New York Times - Nov 3 2013

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Clues Answers
'Here's looking at you, kid' addressee ILSA
'Holiday Inn' co-star ASTAIRE
'I don't know why ___ this way' IACT
'Law & Order: SVU' force NYPD
'Over There' soldiers YANKS
'The King and I' role ANNA
'The Lion King' lioness NALA
'The Lion's Share' author AESOP
'The more the ___' MERRIER
A/C measures BTUS
Actress Chaplin of 'Game of Thrones' OONA
Adjusts carefully FINETUNES
All that ___ bag of chips ANDA
Andrews of Fox Sports ERIN
Author John Dickson ___ CARR
Ball game BOCCE
Beginning ONSET
Begins to wake STIRS
Book in which Moses is born EXODUS
Burrow, perhaps LAIR
Car with a lightning bolt in its logo OPEL
Casual top TSHIRT
Caterpillar, for one LARVA
Circus founders, after 89-Across? RUMDBILEY
Company whose logo was, appropriately, crooked ENRON
Cruiser repair site NAVYYARD
Damages HARMS
Dancer Alvin AILEY
Does what George Washington couldn't? TELLSALIE
Drink loudly SLURP
Earthy pigment OCHRE
Eighty-sixes IXNAYS
Enthusiastic reply IDLOVETO
Favored against the field ODDSON
Flutter, as one's eyes BAT
Foil user's words ENGARDE
Forces from office OUSTS
Foreshadows BODES
Fourth-longest river of Europe DNIEPER
Frederick's of Hollywood purchases BRAS
French colony until 1953 LAOS
Glenfiddich bottle size ONELITRE
Grease dissolver LYE
Great-grandson of Mark Antony NERO
Greek goddess of witchcraft HEKATE
Guam, e.g.: Abbr TERR
Gulf of ___ ADEN
Harvests GLEANS
Hockey fake DEKE
Ice cream brand EDYS
Ice cream treats BANANASPLITS
Jackson-to-Birmingham dir ENE
Jet Ski competitor SEADOO
Lead-in for physics ... and pieman? META
Lee of Marvel Comics STAN
Legendary Scottish swimmer, after 66-Across? OCHNSSSTER
List component ITEM
Many a broken statue TORSO
Many a collector's resource EBAY
Many service dogs, after 29-Across? EMNSHEHRDS
Mao ___-tung TSE
Marco Rubio's home: Abbr FLA
Marx without much to say HARPO
Mary Lincoln, nee ___ TODD
Mastodon features TUSKS
Med. test ECG
Clues Answers
Medal awarded to MacArthur in W.W. I and W.W. II DSC
Money holders TILLS
Mother, e.g.: Abbr REL
N.B.A.'s Shaquille and Jermaine ONEALS
Northeast vacation locale, with 'the' CAPE
Obliterate ERASE
On the q.t INSECRET
Only inanimate zodiac sign LIBRA
Org. 'protecting America's consumers' FTC
Oscar winner Jannings EMIL
Overflowed TEEMED
Painted crudely DAUBED
Penpoints NIBS
Perfect EXACT
Performs unaccompanied SOLOS
Phone button OPER
Poe poem TOHELEN
Politico Kefauver ESTES
Potter's base CLAY
Powerful line DYNASTY
Preacher, for short REV
Prefix with -genarian OCTO
Psychedelic drug LSD
Psychedelic experiences TRIPS
Puck's master OBERON
Put one's hands together CLAP
Quickly, quickly ASAP
Rapper with the 2013 #1 album 'Born Sinner' JCOLE
Relief for the snowbound THAW
River of Pisa ARNO
Roi's wife REINE
Sail extender SPRIT
Saints' home, for short NOLA
Salinger title girl ESME
Santa ___ CLAUS
Schedule planners DATEBOOKS
Seal words MOTTO
Second word of 'A Tale of Two Cities' WAS
Sees red BOILS
Serious break, after 48-Across? COMPOUNFRCUR
Setting for Henry James's 'The American' PARIS
Shape (up) TONE
She, overseas ELLE
Shield border ORLE
Short-lived pests ... or an alternative title for this puzzle FRUITFLIES
Smokestack emission ASH
Some exams ORALS
Split the check GODUTCH
Superlative for Atlanta International Airport BUSIEST
Swelled head? ESS
Tart treats LEMONDROPS
The Tide BAMA
The Warrior Princess XENA
They get stuffed at Greek restaurants GRAPELEAVES
They're way out EXURBS
Tighten one's belt SKIMP
Tokyo beauty, maybe MISSJAPAN
Tony winner Lena HORNE
Twin-hulled vessel CATAMARAN
Ulrich of Metallica LARS
Vessel with an arch AORTA
Vicinity AREA
Where Margaret Thatcher studied chemistry, after 108-Across? OXODNVERSIY
Winglike ALAR
Winner of the 2005 and 2007 Grammys for Best Spoken Word Album OBAMA
Wipes off, say CLEANS
Word of woe ALAS
Years, for Cicero ANNI
___ Stanley Gardner ERLE