New York Times - Oct 20 2013

Clues Answers
'Alley ___' OOP
'It's ___!' ADATE
'May It Be' singer, 2001 ENYA
'Of course, Jorge!' SISI
'So nice!' OOOH
'So-so' MEH
'Tartuffe' segment ACTE
'This ___ a test' ISNOT
'Wheel of Fortune' buy ANE
'You're the ___ Love' ONEI
'___ luck!' LOTSA
'___ two minds' IMOF
1796 Napoleon battle site LODI
1945 battle site, for short IWO
1980s-'90s German leader Helmut KOHL
1999 Ron Howard film EDTV
A.L. West player ASTRO
Actress Graff ILENE
Barely make, with 'out' EKE
Beer belly GUT
Bell Labs system UNIX
Big flap in 1970s fashion? LAPEL
Bit of jive LIE
Body type SEDAN
Bowl over AWE
Buckeye city AKRON
Buddhist who has attained Nirvana ARHAT
Cabin material LOGS
Caesar and others SIDS
Campus political grp SDS
Captain HEAD
Charges FEES
Chemistry suffix ENE
China cupboard HUTCH
Cicero's 350 CCCL
Class for some immigrants, for short ESL
Comic finisher INKER
Comment before 'Bitte schön' DANKE
Components of fatty tissues STEROLS
CPR experts EMTS
Day ___ SPA
Declined WANED
Decorative shoe features TOECAPS
Dos y dos CUATRO
Draft org SSS
El Al destination: Abbr ISR
Elementary PRIMAL
Eurasian ducks SMEWS
European capital once behind the Iron Curtain SOFIA
Exam for jrs PSAT
Expensive patio material SLATETILE
Figure on the Scottish coat of arms REDLION
Follow ENSUE
Follows HEEDS
Follows the east-west route of the 122-/124-Across? TSAOCOTTSAOCMORFSLEVART
For now, for short PROTEM
Freight carrier: Abbr RWY
French wine classification CRU
Frosty's eyes COALS
Funny Garofalo JANEANE
German cry ACH
Go from A to B? DOWORSE
Group in a striking photo? UNION
Gruesome sort OGRE
Heavy volume TOME
Hedgehop, e.g AVIATE
Historic march site SELMA
Hot dog breath? PANT
In stitches SEWN
In tandem ASATEAM
Inherit GET
Intentionally disregarding DEAFTO
iPhone voice SIRI
It fits all, sometimes ONESIZE
It may be corrected with magnification LOWVISION
It may leave you weak in the knees ILLNESS
It's ENE of Fiji SAMOA
It's often swiped by a shopaholic ATMCARD
Italian possessive MIO
Italian writer Vittorini ELIO
Item dropped by Wile E. Coyote ANVIL
Clues Answers
Jargon LINGO
Jazz/blues singer Cassidy EVA
Jottings NOTES
Jump back, maybe START
Keep one's ___ the ground EARTO
Kind of question YESNO
Kind of service ESCORT
Kindle downloads EBOOKS
Knight's trait VALOR
Latin 101 verb AMAT
Like cattle and reindeer HOOFED
Like eggs in eggnog RAW
Like most houses EAVED
Like some feet and envelopes STAMPED
London greeting ELLO
Make over REDO
Many, many TONSOF
Masked warrior NINJA
Mexican transportación TREN
Motorola phone RAZR
Motorola phone DROID
Mt. Rushmore's home: Abbr SDAK
Nickname for the 122-/124-Across MAINSTREETACROSSAMERICA
Not fer AGIN
Novelist Clancy TOM
Or or nor: Abbr CONJ
Over there YON
Part of a page of Google results ADSPACE
Phoebe of 'Gremlins' CATES
Piece at the Met ARIA
Popeye's ___' Pea SWEE
Prefix with -scope PERI
Promote PLUG
Pueblo pot OLLA
Radio booth sign ONAIR
Revolutionary figure CHE
Rhine tributary AARE
Sacred cow IDOL
Sarge's charges: Abbr PVTS
Sauce brand MOTTS
Sea grass, e.g ALGA
See 122-Across HIGHWAY
Shoelace tip AGLET
Slay, in slang ICE
Some war heroes ACES
Something to file NAIL
Sony co-founder Akio MORITA
Sounds from pens OINKS
Sports org. headquartered in Indianapolis NCAA
Stars bursting in air? NOVAE
Stops: Abbr STAS
Stun with a gun TASER
Sue Grafton's '___ for Evidence' EIS
Targets AIMSAT
They really click CASTANETS
Times Square flasher? NEON
Tropicana grove ORANGETREES
Tulip festival city OTTAWA
TV girl with a talking map DORA
TV's Griffin MERV
Ultimate NTH
Up on things TUNEDIN
Very, in Vichy TRES
Vivaldi's '___ Dominus' NISI
Von Furstenberg of fashion EGON
Wearing clothes fit for a queen? INDRAG
Web periodical EMAG
Weightlifting move SNATCH
What's a strain to cook with? SIEVE
When some local news comes on ATTEN
Whistle time? NOON
With 105-Across, historical significance of the 122-/124-Across THEFIRSTMAJORMEMORIALTO
With 124-Across, dedicated in October 1913, project represented by the 13 pairs of circled letters LINCOLN
Without thinking IDLY
Young and Sedaka NEILS
___ B'rith BNAI
___ Bell (Anne Brontë pseudonym) ACTON
___ kwon do TAE
___ of beauties BEVY
___ of time SANDS
___-Off (windshield cover) SNO
___-turn NOU