- Oct 19 2013

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Clues Answers
''So what?'' DOICARE
A chorus line ALTO
Attract attention, circa 1925 POLESIT
Battleground of 1967 SINAI
Bird __ FLU
Books, for short LIT
Came down ALIT
Checking in a tiny room TRYINGON
Classified category FORRENT
Cuisinart products SIFTERS
Daring NERVE
Debussy piece ETUDE
Dejected INAFUNK
Dependable participant TROUPER
Dispose (of) RID
Down-to-earth FOLKSY
Driver's hazard GLARE
Emulated a 26 Across MOUTHED
Enticement BAIT
Equal ARE
Factory's working hours UPTIMES
Farm sound BAA
Fast flight RUN
Fella MAC
Fit for a king BLUESY
Flowery delivery ORATORY
Helpful sign CLUE
Highway sign NOENTRY
In that direction THERE
It may get stuck on your car ROADTAR
It's on Washington's quarter RAINIER
Lean (on) RELY
Longest-serving member DEAN
Manifest EVIDENT
Maverick LONER
Clues Answers
Media-kit contents ADRATES
Not very famous BLIST
Not windy TERSE
Object of speculation MYSTERY
Obvious slip BONER
One living on Biscayne Boulevard MIAMIAN
One of an estimated quadrillion on Earth ANT
Opposite of ''together'' ASUNDER
Phrase associated with 23 Across ENGARDE
Recent Lincoln biographer OREILLY
Red state IRE
Roll for a hole PUTT
SeaWorld venue ORLANDO
Serpent's tail INE
Short-term quarters CRASHPAD
Sign of browning TANLINE
Slap on DAUB
Source of the Rhodes Scholarship endowment DEBEERS
Specialized ''We made it!'' TGIF
Spread (out) FAN
Surfing equipment MODEMS
Tiffany, for one LOUIS
Took major steps STRODE
Tough guys BRUISERS
Twist in ''Oliver Twist'' IRONY
Unlikely stop for a restaurant reviewer BEANERY
US Special Forces home FTBRAGG
What some pedals control GAS
White-gloves sport EPEE
White-gloves wearer MIME
Word from the Greek for ''healing'' THERAPY
__ lines ENEMY