New York Times - Oct 19 2013

Clues Answers
'Ahh' sloganeer COCACOLA
'Bait Car' channel TRUTV
'How's it goin', dawg?' WHATSUPG
'___ It' (2006 Young Jeezy single) ILUV
'___ Story' (2007 Jenna Bush book) ANAS
100 metric drops: Abbr TSP
1980 new wave classic WHIPIT
1985 #1 whose video won six MTV Video Music Awards TAKEONME
1985-93 senator from Tennessee ALGORE
1995-2013 senator from Arizona JONKYL
1996 hybrid animation/live-action film SPACEJAM
Amt. of copper, say RDA
Bearded mountain dweller GOAT
Benefits HELPS
Biographer biographized in 'Poison Pen' KITTYKELLEY
Bit of action BET
City that's headquarters for Pizza Hut and J. C. Penney PLANO
Cole ___, 2008 World Series M.V.P HAMELS
Cowboy feature OATER
Deg. from 37-Across MFA
Dirt, in slang SCHMUTZ
Dirty Harry fired them MAGNUMS
Dramatic opening ACTI
Female novelist whose real first name was Howard ANNERICE
First marketer of Cabbage Patch Kids COLECO
Follower of one nation? UNDERGOD
Former Australian prime minister Rudd KEVIN
Give some juice REV
Gnocchi topper PESTO
Have thirds, say GORGE
Hobby with Q codes HAMRADIO
Hot numbers HITSONGS
It can precede masochism SADO
Jin dynasty conqueror MONGOL
Clues Answers
Jockey competitor JOEBOXER
Kind of mile: Abbr NAUT
Last file menu option, often EXIT
Lays flat KOS
Lewis ___, loser to Zachary Taylor in 1848 CASS
Like the Simpson kids' hair POINTY
Location from which the phoenix rose PYRE
Many an early tie ONEONE
Marketing mantra SEXSELLS
Mercury and Saturn, once MAKES
Out of alignment ATODDS
Outrageously freewheeling GONZO
Prefix with tourism ECO
Rapper with the 2000 single 'Party Up (Up in Here)' DMX
Raymond who played Abraham Lincoln MASSEY
Return service TAXPREP
Rhode Island cuisine specialty JOHNNYCAKES
Rhyme for 'drool' in a Dean Martin classic FAZOOL
Safe spots HAVENS
Sci-fi's ___ Binks JARJAR
Some hotels and old cars OMNIS
Something between 49-Downs RESTSTOP
Soup line MMMMGOOD
Supposed sighting off the coast of Norway KRAKEN
Surmounted GOTOVER
Symbols of strength OXEN
Tight shoe wearer's woe CORNS
Ulan-___ (city in Siberia) UDE
Upstate N.Y. sch RIT
Wear for Teddy Roosevelt PINCENEZ
What a leadfoot may do NINETY
Where faces meet EDGES
Zales inventory GEMS
___ concours (unrivaled: Fr.) HORS