Ink Well xwords - Oct 18 2013

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Clues Answers
'As I understand it,' online IMHO
'Document' band REM
'Home Improvement' nickname TOOLMAN
'Leave that comma in after all' STET
'No more seats' sign SRO
'Orange Is the New Black' protagonist PIPER
'Victim of Love' synthpop duo ERASURE
Address shortened at bitly or URL
Approximately ORSO
Atlantic City casino, with 'the' TAJ
Autumn ___ ALE
Averse to diplomacy HAWKISH
Bury, as ashes INURN
Catch in the theater SEE
Clothing with footies, casually PJS
Cries of discovery AHAS
Duane ___ (New York City pharmacy chain) READE
Early hip-hop group with 'Strictly Business' EPMD
Enjoyed the spread ATE
Football chant word OLE
Get better HEAL
Go into private practice? ENLIST
Go out on tour? DEPLOY
Greek god of forests PAN
Half of the duo on the album 'You Eediot!' REN
Hangover symptom HEADACHE
Hindu rule for living SUTRA
Ice-T's show, briefly SVU
Inedible-pizza magnate Herman and his family CAINS
Irritate [solve the celeb puzzle series at] PIQUE
It requires you to choose a position SEX
Kid who played a vampire, often, nowadays TEENIDOL
Lamb's mom EWE
Letters for George Orwell or Mark Twain AKA
Lie like a lizard BASK
Clues Answers
Light and water, e.g., for plants NEEDS
Long rant about how the captain was mean, the shanties sucked, and everyone got scurvy? SAILORSSCREED
Misses GALS
Most prone to play 'Grand Theft Auto V' and eat Doritos all day IDLEST
Multivolume ref. work OED
Nerve junction SYNAPSE
Perfectly fine AOKAY
Pinning in chess, e.g TACTIC
Place for a ring or a stud EAR
Plague VEX
Played (with) TOYED
Princes and princesses? QUEENSSPAWN
Purely positive engagement, in slang LOVEFEST
Purplish green, sometimes KALE
Run like a deer LOPE
Salty eggs ROE
Shazam, e.g APP
Shit-faced LIT
Skeleton device SLED
Small four-stringed instrument, for short UKE
Smaller alternative to JFK LGA
Something to build on LOT
Spanish rice dish with saffron PAELLA
Specialty side dish for Norbit? MURPHYSSLAW
Tells, e.g., in poker TIPOFFS
The Muffin Man's lane DRURY
They're milked for all they're worth UDDERS
Top choice, casually FAVE
Used a needle SEWED
Very, very OHSO
Wash away, as the shoreline ERODE
Water vapor from right here in the US of A, dammit? AMERICASSTEAM
What some banned books contain, according to the banners SMUT
Whiz PEE
Wine taster's concern AROMA
___ Cruces, New Mexico LAS
___ list (band's schedule) SET