Jonesin' - Oct 17 2013

Clues Answers
'... a borrower ___ a lender be' NOR
'Anna and the King' actress ___ Ling BAI
'Baloney!' ROT
'Bed-in for Peace' participant ONO
'Buffy' spinoff ANGEL
'Cold outside today!' BRR
'I'm thinking...' HMM
'My Cherie ___' (Stevie Wonder song) AMOUR
'Remote Control' host Ken OBER
'The Jetsons' dog ASTRO
'This Is Spinal ___' TAP
'___ Done Him Wrong' (1933 Mae West film) SHE
'___ Fables' AESOPS
'___ I've been told' ORSO
'___ the mornin' to ya!' TOPO
Aboriginal food source EMU
Add fuel to the fire STOKE
Advanced writing degs MFAS
African language family BANTU
Angst-ridden TENSE
Artist's concern HUE
Backwoods type YOKEL
Bank feature ATM
Bikini and others ATOLLS
Blender button PUREE
Born, in a bridal bio NEE
Cartoon cringe catchphrase DOH
Diversion tactic #1 ISTHATABIRD
Diversion tactic #2 LOOKOVERTHERE
Diversion tactic #3 YOURSHOESUNTIED
Doing nothing IDLE
Flat-topped formation MESA
Forester automaker SUBARU
Furtive SLY
Gavel-banging shout SOLD
German two-door sportscar AUDITT
Get rid of a voicemail ERASE
Girl Scout cookie with caramel SAMOA
Clues Answers
Greek letters ETAS
Group formed by Duane and Gregg, for short ABB
Hall colleague OATES
Harlem ___ (Central Park lake) MEER
Heavy unit TON
Hits the ground LANDS
Hydroxyl compound ENOL
Just chill HANG
Letters on undies BVD
Like some goals UNMET
Like, yesterday PRONTO
Magazine edition ISSUE
Major in astronomy? URSA
Mythological deities NYMPHS
Newman's Own rival RAGU
Organic fertilizer GUANO
Oust the incumbent VOTEOUT
Palindromic 1996 New York City Marathon winner ___ Catuna ANUTA
Person who pedals stolen goods? BIKETHIEF
Physical measurement, for short BMI
Prime meridian setting: abbr GST
Recipe instruction STIR
Shooting org NRA
Speak eloquently ORATE
Stub ___ (stumble) ATOE
Three with close harmony, e.g TRIO
To the ___ degree NTH
Toy advertised with the slogan 'but they don't fall down' WEEBLE
Unit named for a French physicist AMPERE
Upstart business, casually LITTLEGUY
When doubled, essential oil used in shampoo YLANG
With 56-across, diversion tactic #4 YOUVEGOTASPOT
Without a date STAG
Word repeated before 'hey' or after 'Yo' GABBA
___ and means WAYS
___ Kippur YOM
___ voce SOTTO