Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Oct 11 2013

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Clues Answers
'Portnoy's Complaint' author ROTH
Abounding in hackberry trees ELMY
Actress Sharon GLESS
Alias abbr AKA
Angelic musicmaker HARP
Anger IRE
Beer drinker's option BOTTLE
Calligrapher's need PEN
Carnival city RIO
Chalkboard need ERASER
Dandling site KNEE
Duke it out BOX
Eagle's nest AERIE
Energy PEP
Farmyard female EWE
Form a spiral COIL
Go sightseeing TOUR
Great lake ERIE
Half a ticket STUB
Hosp. section ICU
Island visited by Magellan GUAM
Jewel GEM
Joan of -- ARC
List-ending abbr ETAL
March 17 celebrants IRISH
Mentor GURU
Mooing sounds LOWS
Naturalist John AUDUBON
Object of worship ICON
Oboe insert REED
Clues Answers
Ostrich's cousin EMU
Others (Lat.) ALIA
Otherwise ELSE
Pantheon member GOD
Pay your share GODUTCH
Peach centers PITS
Peak periods UPS
Performance ACT
Piece of parchment SCROLL
Pistol GUN
Plague POX
Reached GOTAT
Reddish-brown horse SORREL
Rental contract LEASE
Repentant SORRY
Reverberate ECHO
Robbery HEIST
Sent an invoice to BILLED
Shoelace tips AGLETS
Sleeping spot BED
Snatch GRAB
Sock part HEEL
Sort ILK
Sound of contentment PURR
Taleteller LIAR
Temporary calms LULLS
Thought IDEA
Tin Man's need OIL
Trickster deity LOKI
Unopened flower BUD
Weeding tool HOE
Where -- at ITS
Work with USE